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The Strike by Hollywood Writers

25 Sep 2017

On November 5, 2007, a planned strike of television, radio and screenplay writers, who work in the US for Eastern and Western branches of the Writers Guild of America, has started. This strike was a reaction on recent policies of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers regarding a new contract which must be signed with the Guilds. Basically, the writers insisted on increasing their shares of incomes coming from total sells of movies and TV series, both on DVDs and in Internet. However, the Alliance refused, that's why more than 12,000 American writers joined the walkout. The Guilds decided to continue striking until the sides of the conflict were able to compromise on all major issues.

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Grandma Moses: A Short Biography

22 Sep 2017

Anna Mary Robertson Moses, commonly referred to as "Grandma Moses", was born on September 7, 1860 in Greenwich, New York. She is famously known for her paintings despite the fact that she did not receive any formal training and education on art. She grew up in a family of ten children and worked at their family's farm while still at a young age. At the age of twelve, she was already earning by working as a hired girl in homes close to her family's house. Her curiosity for the visual arts began at the time when her father bought sheets of blank newspaper for the children where they could scribble images.

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22 Sep 2017

The Writers Guild of America Strike started on November5, 2007 and ended on February 12, 2008. The Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) and Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) conducted it. The strike against the trade organization, which represents of 397 American Film and Television producers i.e. Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). The main producers are CBS Corporation, Metro-Goldwin-Mayer, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Walt Disney Company and Warner Brothers. The strike accounts for 100 days. It is effected the economy of Los Angeles with the $1.5 billion. T.V. and film production completely stopped due to the writers’ strike.

There will be new contract for every three years between writers guild and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). This contract will be called as Minimum Basic Agreement i.e. MBA. But in 2007, the negotiations failed and hence Writers Guild Association members voted to call a strike. The strike started on November 5 2007. Besides other issues, there are issues such as DVD residuals, union jurisdiction over animation, compensation for new media such as content writing, digital technology, Internet etc. The Writers Guild of America, West and East division represents more than 12,000 movie and television writers. The strike was started on November 5, 2007 and continued for three months with the loss of $500 million. The strike started with the walk off by the WGA members since the failure of the talks over the issue on how the writers are paid for the of the their material on the Internet, DVD and among other issues. The WGA proposed that writers should receive 2.5% of distributor’s gross on new media sales and distribution. But the companies refused to address this proposal, but they proposed interest sales instead DVD. The WGA rejected this proposal and told them clearly to shut down their studios. Writers demand is bigger revenue on online works and video whereas the studios not accepted. The major shareholders are in the media side Disney, Sony, Viacom, News Corp, Time Warner and General Electric. It is clear that the Internet will be for future of entertainment and writers stressed on this area to increase the revenue. So far writers are getting small residual on download sales.

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18 Sep 2017

Music had been a great part of an individual's life. Although a person is young or old rich or poor music may possibly still absorbed and applied in every person's life. The continuous playing and the circulation of music through different sources such as the radio, television and internet had made it possible for different kinds of people to listen to the music that they prefer. Music had also been developing through time and genres had been changing as the new generations of artists that came in to the music seen. In addition, artists and bands had been a great part in making music that people listening to them become enthusiastic of their life. The listeners not only attach themselves to the music of the artists but also to the artists' personal lives.

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Woman Holding a Balance

22 Jun 2017

Johannes Vermeer’s vivid painting, “Woman Holding a Balance” is an example of how attentive artists utilize the various principles of design. It shows how these different elements harmonize together to compose one visual ensemble. To understand how each operates within this example, they must be dissected individually.

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Freedom in the Dunes

22 Jun 2017

Suna no onna translated as Woman of the Dunes is a novel by Kobo Abe which was adopted into film by Japanese director Hiroshi Teshigahara. The novel was published in 1962, and the film was released in 1964. Kobo Abe also wrote the screenplay for the film version making him the author of both the screenplay and the novel. The surreal and at times absurd plot of Woman in the Dunes has drawn comparisons with major existentialist works like Jean-Paul Sarte’s No Exit and Samuel Backett’s Happy Days. The film is most well-known for Teshigahara’s direction that brings life to the ever-shifting sand that mirrors the fluidity of the character. The plot is also an intriguing aspect of the film

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A Doll’s House and The Piano Lesson

14 Jun 2017

The two plays, Ibsen’s A Doll House and Wilson’s Piano Lesson are constructed around social realist themes. In fact, the texts deal with two different types of discrimination: discrimination against women in Ibsen’s A Doll House, and discrimination against the African-Americans in Wilson’s The Piano Lesson. The works share a common view on the discriminated categories: both African Americans and women are treated as objects possessed by their masters, either for trade or for mere entertainment and play. Thus, both plays treat of the effects of sexual or racial discrimination and focus on awakening and the regaining of independence.

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Modern & Elizabethan Drama

09 Jun 2017

Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a compelling play delving into the psyche of one of literatures most famous protagonists; his insanity, his cruelty, his love all lead the reader into Hamlet’s world and allow the audience to empathize with his actions, be they driven by madness or love for his father. Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Ernest deals with the same issues as Shakespeare’s play, in the mistaking of identity, and the search for the true self through society’s misconceptions (be they forced or subtle). This paper will explore the literary techniques of character development in both of these plays as well as establish a definition of a tragic hero in order for a base comparison to be made between these two works of art.

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What Makes Rock

19 Apr 2017

Rock music is different from other forms of music in its use of multiple sources of inspiration. More than any other type of music, rock music is a hybrid, combining elements from Black blues music, British music, folk music, American gospel music, and country and western music ("Rock Music"). Rock music is also different from the rock and roll music that came before it because rock and roll was meant primarily for dancing, while rock music is often written for listeners and not for dancers ("Rock Music").

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31 Mar 2017

The term tragedy could be literally transmitted to “goat song, which in turn refers to the ritual of Dionysus. We, however, would not focus on the roots of tragedy as defined here; rather we would focus on Aristotle’s concept of tragedy. It was basically from the story of Dionysus, as well as from other sources on which Aristotle’s concept of tragedy was deeply embedded. One of the major features of Aristotle’s description of tragedy is “an imitation of noble and complete action, having the proper magnitude” which basically means that a tragic character is noble person or someone who is great or emits an aura of certain “magnitude” Aristotle, 350 B.C.).

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