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Guido D'arezzo and the History of Written Music

03 Nov 2017

During the medieval era of music history, music was not documented and transmitted the same way that it is today. Rather than a choir learning a new song by looking at a piece of sheet music and sight reading, oral transmission was used. In plainchant music, for example, a leader or conductor would teach the choir a song by first singing it. The choir would then sing back the same melody or phrase in an emulative manner. This method of learning music, however, changed during the 11th century, when Guido d'Arezzo formulated the world's first version of the musical staff that used music notes rather than numbers to indicate a certain pitch. Along with other tools such as the Guidonian hand, Guido developed valuable methods of teaching and transmitting music, especially to plainchant singers of that period. Although his system has since been refined and simplified, Guido's contributions to music theory greatly assisted young singers of his time, allowing them to read and learn new pieces more efficiently than through oral transmission alone.

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Term "Culture"

25 Oct 2017

Culture is part of a “set of ideas” that defines society. The current state of affairs puts premium on what is visual. The popularity of television, internet, and billboards utilizes the appeal of images to transmit messages. In studying visual culture, it would be difficult to separate it from the dilemma of what is real and what is not, especially in this period, which scholars and even ordinary observers refer to as postmodernity.

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Parian marble sculpture at The Louvre

23 Oct 2017

The Winged Victory of Samothrace is one of the most celebrated visual art sculptures in the world from the Hellenistic era. The sculpture depicts the goddess Nike as she descends from the sky with outstretched wings over her shoulders. It originally formed part of the Samothrace temple that was an homage to the gods. Victory was situated at the prow of the ship in her triumphant pose. Before this statue of Nike lost her arms, they were cupped around her mouth in an effort to announce the Greek victory at Lartos.

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The Colossus of Constantine

23 Oct 2017

The Colossus of Constantine was originally constructed at the Forum Romanum in Rome in the Basilica of Maxentius. The statue was created in the acrolithic medium, which literally means "stone at the extremities". In this case, the head, arms and legs were carved from marble while the body was created from brick and wooden frameworks that were most likely covered in gilded bronze. This statue is emblematic of the art of the Roman Empire in many ways, but it also stood out from the rest due to its sheer magnitude, the Colossus of Constantine originally stood over forty feet high.

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Yale Art Gallery

11 Oct 2017

Despite the fact that I have visited Yale several times, this was my first trip to the Yale Art Gallery. I was surprised to find that part of the art of the museum is housed in a beautiful gothic style building while the remainder is very modern. I was equally surprised to learn that the museum is the oldest in the Western hemisphere. Although the museum is quite small, it provides a comfortable environment conducive to education, as there are several study areas and student groups studying the works displayed.

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As I Learn To Write

02 Oct 2017

It is not just a matter of being required by the curriculum of the school or the course taken. Learning and developing writing skills is one asset I strongly believe that is very useful in every aspect of life - school, work, community, and family. Somehow, I will need to write to them, for them, about them. As I learn to write, I realized that I am not only putting to good use my skill but I become better in communicating myself, my ideas, my thoughts, my feelings. And to share myself through skills and wit in writing, I truly establish a relationship - and a destiny.

It is very interesting that my being vocally and verbally confident, fluent and an extrovert gave me the idea that I will not have problems "writing". Then within the moments and the lectures that came along in my writing class, I stuck "my tongue in cheek". What a universal concept awakened to me about the delight, the responsibility, the discipline that writing requires!

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02 Oct 2017

It was said that the settings for the plays generates certain impact for the audience or reader. It usually brings out the necessary highlights that are needed to be brought up. The issues or conflicts in the play could easily be identified given a good setting for a play. The ambiance or the mood of the play could establish the right reactions from the audience or readers. In this particular essay, the play that is about to be scrutinized is the one that was written by Susan Glaspell. "Trifles' was written on the year 1916. It is highly essential to note this particular year given that the issue that would be raised in this paper concerns the setting of the play. But what is a setting? It could be seen that the setting, concerning a play, means that it is “the time, place, and circumstances in which a narrative, drama, or film takes place. ("Settings")” or it is “The context and environment in which a situation is set; the background. ("Settings")” I firmly assert then that the setting of a play could reflect the meaning of the play.

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Book Sellers Show

29 Sep 2017

Art is verse and interesting. I found it to be so. I am particularly interested in coming for the Book sellers Show. I have a number of books, including 'How to Make Money in the Sign Painting Business'. I humbly ask for an added privilege to airbrush on shirts to promote my model. I have actually found out that both publishing and panting have a common ground, just like a woman and her daughter. Design can not be divorced from publishing.

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Music - an interactive art

28 Sep 2017

I consider music to be an interactive art, like a dialogue. Interactive in the sense that I would receive and respond to it subjectively and actively, in various different manners, depending on my moods and values, my taste and my cultural background, but most of all depending on my sensibility. I am very selective, but also very eclectic in my musical tastes: I cannot say I have a favorite genre or band. But there is a sum of elements that touch me in particular. Objectively, music is known to combine "vocal or instrumental sounds for beauty of form or emotional expression, usually according to cultural standards of rhythm, melody, and, in most Western music, harmony".

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The Strike by Hollywood Writers

25 Sep 2017

On November 5, 2007, a planned strike of television, radio and screenplay writers, who work in the US for Eastern and Western branches of the Writers Guild of America, has started. This strike was a reaction on recent policies of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers regarding a new contract which must be signed with the Guilds. Basically, the writers insisted on increasing their shares of incomes coming from total sells of movies and TV series, both on DVDs and in Internet. However, the Alliance refused, that's why more than 12,000 American writers joined the walkout. The Guilds decided to continue striking until the sides of the conflict were able to compromise on all major issues.

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