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Week 1 Marketing

20 Jun 2017

The definition of marketing is rather vague; moreover, different professionals tend to define marketing, using different terms. Marketing should be a necessary element of the organization’s sales function: it is the critical element that forms close business ties between customers and sellers, helps firms grow their customers and deliver critical customer value. Planning is integral to marketing; similarly, marketing is impossible without planning. Throughout the history of marketing, since the marketing department era, all marketing activities have been brought under control of one department or one marketing specialist. Planning in marketing was and is required to integrate all marketing activities with the firm’s obligations and strategic goals. The benefits of marketing are not limited to planning opportunities; organizations use marketing mix to deliver the benefits of their products to consumers and to monitor the effectiveness of various marketing procedures. With the need to expand our presence in the market, and with the need to promote continuous growth, marketing will link consumer needs to the strategic business goals, creating a cohesive business environment, expanding the benefits and increasing profitability of businesses and consumers.

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Business Law: The Case of Leaky Windows

15 Jun 2017

In today’s world of products and services; buyer beware. We see it everyday on Court Television, people on both sides of the case are anxious to protect them. Not only is it buyer beware, but also business owner beware. In today’s society where the customer is always right and customer service relations stems on how a company conducts themselves at every step of the way, never more has it been extremely important to have contracts set in stone as every court in the land will look to contracts and paperwork as a means of proving one’s point and case. No longer are verbal contracts as viable as before. One’s word does not matter and any judge will ask: do you have it writing? Now in this day and age of electronics, new ways of proving one’s case emerge. E-mail is now a way of proving one’s case as it creates a paper trail. The following paragraphs will discuss the questions posed by a sales agreement for energy efficient windows. From the questions, I believe we will find that either side has grounds for a lawsuit but only the contract will decide the truth.

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Whole Food Markets Trends and Outlook analysis

16 May 2017

Whole Foods Market is the world's leading retailer of natural and organic foods. It has more than 270 stores across North America and the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1980 and since then has come a long way by providing food of high quality in its purest state unadulterated by artificial sweeteners, preservatives or any other additives. The company's core values include

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When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management

03 May 2017

Roger Lowenstein is a well-known business enthusiast and writer of different business-oriented books that are primarily a self-help orientation for early business entrepreneurs who are still new to the field. The expressive manner of the author in terms of presenting his ideas has made it certain that capitalism and its management is one of the key elements that are presented through the fields of business development and improvement in the said industry. Furthermore, it could be observed that the approach of the author has been focused on the particulars of the business primarily the finances and the management that the administrations are placing on the said assets of the organizations.

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Skills for Managing Conflict in Organizations

24 Apr 2017

Conflicts will always be a part of every organization because of the diversity and differing opinions and personalities of the members. There are conflicts which are not easily solved; and if conflicts are not resolved, it will cause disruption among the people. Thus, managers must have the right skills such as communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and negotiating skills to effectively manage conflict.
The workplace is an area where conflicts will tend to arise. In fact, it is a normal part of every organization. Along with everything else, managers are tasked to manage conflicts so that employees can become effective and satisfied with their jobs. The abovementioned skills are the right tools to address the problems at work. Although there is no single skill to effectively solve the problems, managers can implement a combination of these skills.

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The Marketing Mix

14 Apr 2017

The marketing mix is the set of marketing tools the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market. McCarthy classified these tools into four broad groups that he called the four Ps of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. (Kotler. P, 2003)

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Research and the Manager

12 Apr 2017

Today’s manager often wishes for more information when the time comes to make a decision. If the need for action is immediate, the decision will be made on the basis of whatever information is at hand, scant though it may be. To the extent that the data are gathered systematically, in accord of openness to a variety of customers, the process realistically may be called research.

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What is Development?

10 Apr 2017

While almost every person is in favour of development, not many people could easily or quickly specify what development is. The term itself evokes in mind the association with a growing fullness of human existence, the development of potential powers, and constant tendency in the direction of perfection and excellence. Thus, development can be defined as a natural process, closely associated with progress and movement towards better things.

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What is business?

31 Mar 2017

Business is the most important thing some one career, if you can cooperate with your customers, then your business will be successful. No one want to do business with a rude or mean business partner. Cause they wouldn’t work with your company again, if your manger or boss was rude or out of order then you wouldn’t want to work with them. Your job, company, or business should be taken serious but not to the point that you take it to the extreme. You should also have time for your self, family and friends, cause you job will be right here when you die, it will be left for someone else to do. So basically what am saying is that your job should be your job and not your life, have fun doing your job.

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29 Mar 2017

Negotiation involves an activity between two individuals. It is the resolution of contradicting interests lacking the implementation of force. Negotiation is skill that is capable of being learned and mastered. A good negotiator needs to be aware of several factors including: (1) his or her interests and those of others; (2) the application of imagination in order to increase the possibilities of producing concurrence; (3) how significant the association with other parties; (4) the willingness and capacity of the other party to put together and carry out an obligation; (5) the importance of impartiality in the course of negotiation; and (6) the other party’s ability to communicate in order to effectively acquire information, which is the essential quality of negotiation. To be an excellent negotiator one must therefore need to exercise power, make use of common sense and sensitivity, as well as posses a superior character.

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