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Skills for Managing Conflict in Organizations

24 Apr 2017

Conflicts will always be a part of every organization because of the diversity and differing opinions and personalities of the members. There are conflicts which are not easily solved; and if conflicts are not resolved, it will cause disruption among the people. Thus, managers must have the right skills such as communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and negotiating skills to effectively manage conflict.
The workplace is an area where conflicts will tend to arise. In fact, it is a normal part of every organization. Along with everything else, managers are tasked to manage conflicts so that employees can become effective and satisfied with their jobs. The abovementioned skills are the right tools to address the problems at work. Although there is no single skill to effectively solve the problems, managers can implement a combination of these skills.

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The Marketing Mix

14 Apr 2017

The marketing mix is the set of marketing tools the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market. McCarthy classified these tools into four broad groups that he called the four Ps of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. (Kotler. P, 2003)

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Research and the Manager

12 Apr 2017

Today’s manager often wishes for more information when the time comes to make a decision. If the need for action is immediate, the decision will be made on the basis of whatever information is at hand, scant though it may be. To the extent that the data are gathered systematically, in accord of openness to a variety of customers, the process realistically may be called research.

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What is Development?

10 Apr 2017

While almost every person is in favour of development, not many people could easily or quickly specify what development is. The term itself evokes in mind the association with a growing fullness of human existence, the development of potential powers, and constant tendency in the direction of perfection and excellence. Thus, development can be defined as a natural process, closely associated with progress and movement towards better things.

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What is business?

31 Mar 2017

Business is the most important thing some one career, if you can cooperate with your customers, then your business will be successful. No one want to do business with a rude or mean business partner. Cause they wouldn’t work with your company again, if your manger or boss was rude or out of order then you wouldn’t want to work with them. Your job, company, or business should be taken serious but not to the point that you take it to the extreme. You should also have time for your self, family and friends, cause you job will be right here when you die, it will be left for someone else to do. So basically what am saying is that your job should be your job and not your life, have fun doing your job.

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29 Mar 2017

Negotiation involves an activity between two individuals. It is the resolution of contradicting interests lacking the implementation of force. Negotiation is skill that is capable of being learned and mastered. A good negotiator needs to be aware of several factors including: (1) his or her interests and those of others; (2) the application of imagination in order to increase the possibilities of producing concurrence; (3) how significant the association with other parties; (4) the willingness and capacity of the other party to put together and carry out an obligation; (5) the importance of impartiality in the course of negotiation; and (6) the other party’s ability to communicate in order to effectively acquire information, which is the essential quality of negotiation. To be an excellent negotiator one must therefore need to exercise power, make use of common sense and sensitivity, as well as posses a superior character.

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Internet on Business: The Causes and Effects Today and Beyond

28 Mar 2017

The Internet started to become famous in the year 1996. It was created by the Department of Defense as a computer network called ARPA (Advance Research Projects Agency) in 1958 for military operations. As the people discovered the many possible applications of Internet, it become commercialized and furthermore, revolutionizes the lives of the humankind. When we say revolutionize, we always think of its cause and effects; its advantages and disadvantages; the good and the bad side. Its impact to the government, businesses and every individual are truly astounding. As we go further, we will realize how this technology changed the face of business and marketing, the fast-pace innovation and the abuse of this technology.

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Responsibilities and Roles of Directors

17 Mar 2017

There are several roles and responsibilities that Directors have to assume in a Corporate Business and some of these include the following: It is the Directors responsibility to: establish the company or organizations mission and purpose for without doing so may direct everybody in the company in the wrong direction; choose the Executive since picking the best leader will positively affect the performance of the whole organization; support the leader and evaluate his or her performance because constructive criticisms will be very helpful for him to become a better leader and so that he or she can motivate his or her subordinates as well; guarantee that useful organizational planning is carried out; make sure that resources are always sufficient; effectively handle resources; establish and keep an eye on the products/programs/services offered by the company or organization in order for it to be properly maintained or improved upon; increase or improve the "open image" of the company or organization to encourage, influence and persuade the clients to patronize the companys products or services; as well as evaluate his or her own performance or if he or she is able to carry out the aforementioned responsibilities (McNamara, 2007).

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Groupthink in project management

15 Mar 2017

Groupthink refers to a situation whereby all the participants in the project are equipped with the necessary understanding of the progress of the project with a view of developing the best approach to achieve the set objectives. It involves communicating in one language. It therefore requires clear definitions of the objectives of the project. All the members working in the separate units as well as the divisions are harmonized together for the purpose of the solution of the problem at hand. They are therefore capable of solving the blame game whose detriments results to detraction from the search of the solution to the problem the success as well as the frustrations of the individuals in the group are acknowledged.

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Characteristics of Nonprofit Work Force

15 Mar 2017

Given the increasing number of individuals in the United States work force who have been seeking employment with non profit institutions, which are organizations currently constituting the third sector of the economy, the importance of implementing a good nonprofit workforce becomes all the more relevant. Recent literature regarding this issue has identified certain key characteristics that are crucial to the maintenance of a good non profit workforce (Mirvis and Hackett 2003). Among these characteristics is the presentation of more challenging work, variety, satisfaction and intrinsic rewards.

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