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Zurar International

03 Nov 2017

At Zurar International we combine knowledge and professionalism with our excellent communication skills to match individuals with the unique position that is right for them. We are equipped with experts who have a thorough knowledge of the demands and expectations within each career field. We are also highly trained and experienced in the interpersonal and psychological aspects of communication, allowing us to thoroughly assess the individuals we recommend to our business partners.

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Writing Effective Communications

30 Oct 2017

Writing Effective Communications
Interoffice Memorandum
DATE: January 12, 2008
TO: Roanoke Branch
FROM: Human Resources Department
SUBJECT: Roanoke Branch Situation

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Youth Work

24 Oct 2017

Youth Work is a very dynamic and interesting vocation. The process of relating with young people, hearing their stories, and helping them find their way through this life, is enough to encourage a youth minister's heart. But then, in order to avoid stereotyping the youth and putting them in a box that does not really describe them, research is also needed. Basic research therefore is needed so that the youth minister would be able to understand the youth and minister to them effectively.

Although our organization are sponsoring a number of events for young people, the attendance in the past two months have not been very good. This might have been because of poor programming or some other reasons like school or work commitments and other matters. To determine the reasons behind the poor attendance of our events, I decided to conduct a short research regarding the preferences of young people and what they are looking for in a program or event so that our events can cater more to their needs and their concerns.

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A Paper on Hiring Ethics

23 Oct 2017

The ethical dilemma in this situation is who to employ as the new marketing manager. Whether it is the person who really needs the job because of some deep financial needs and family concerns but is barely able to do the job right, or the employ the person that could do an outstanding job, fitting in with just the right qualification plus a masters degree in marketing yet is of a different racial domination. This dilemma is about what is morally correct, and about what could have been correct, yet it was overshadowed by another concern, like how many mouths does the salary of a person has to feed, or if that person has a sick relative and is in great need of money.

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Youth Coaching

23 Oct 2017

Youth Coaching has been an enjoyable and welcomed lifestyle and career. This career has given me the opportunity to mold the minds of young children and young adults; it has allowed me to influence them to become the best at what they do. This experience has also brought me closer to my children, allowing me to interact with them, not only as a father, but as a friend, a leader, and a role model.

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Your career goal in taking a position with CIA

20 Oct 2017

Dear Sir,

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Motivation and Stress in the Workplace

19 Oct 2017

When one thinks of stress, there is an immediate negative connotation to the word. However, there are select times when stress is seen in another light. To put explain the point, Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty" (Quote DB). Though not many realize it, stress may actually be a means of motivation.

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Xerox’s model

10 Oct 2017

Labor-management relations have always been strained. However, Xerox has managed to become one of the leaders in terms of establishing cooperation between the laborers and management, thus resulting in a more vibrant workplace. Labor-management cooperation has been so successful in the company that for twenty-five years, they have not resorted to outsourcing even with when bankruptcy was on the horizon.

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X-Ray Technician Career

09 Oct 2017

Since my childhood I wanted to make a career in medicine. I was always admiring and appreciating the hard work of our doctors, nurses, physicians and other health care personnel, their courage and devotion to their noble occupation, the way they help thousands of people and overcome numerous challenges and problems. Therefore, my personal ambition is to become a qualified medical specialist and use my skills and abilities to relieve human suffering and make people feel more comfortable in this world.

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Exploring a Major or Career

29 Sep 2017

Making a choice of career or subject major is the most vital decision to be made for all those on the threshold of carving out a future for themselves. Doing what you like always makes you excel in what you are doing. The selection of career should be based on natural aptitude, strengths and liking for the particular choice. But how do you choose when you don’t even know what you like and what you are good at? Knowing your self is the key to making all decisions in life. When you are clear about your self you can always plan the path ahead of you. And when the choice is based on liking you seldom regret making that career choice no matter how difficult the path. Where there is a will there is a way. What Career choice would I make?

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