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An Unforgettable Transcript

02 Oct 2017

When I was in elementary school, I thought I might get into a university one day. It became my dream after I entered middle school. Competition in Hong Kong is stronger than it is in the United States for high school students who are looking to be accepted into colleges. Applicants who do not have the required grades will be excluded. However, the academic competition in Hong Kong has created too many perfect scores. Students who have satisfied the grade requirement still not can be sure that they will get into a college.

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Changes in the College Campus Population

27 Sep 2017

Once upon a time, a person could secure an entry-level position with a company of merit and look forward to hard work and time on-the-job resulting in a variety of rewards. Among these rewards were the expectation of moving up within the company's ranks, an increase in one's job security, and a greater understanding of one's duties-all of which added up to an ever-growing sense of satisfaction and comfort while looking forward to a hard-earned retirement.

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Analysis of Sexual Harassment Policy at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale

04 Aug 2016

One of the common misconceptions about sexual harassment is that business owners are protected against liability so long the supervisors or managers avoid making sexual advances against an unwilling subordinate.  Employers think that they are insulated from suits so long as this traditional form of sexual harassment is avoided in the workplace.  This is the mistake often committed by employers.  Nowadays, the scope of sexual harassment has been expanded by law and by the Supreme Court so as to include lawsuits by subordinates who willingly submitted to the sexual advances of his or her superior.  Nowadays, giving of jokes loaded with sexual meaning is already considered sexual harassment.  Office flirtatious or sexually suggestive stare by a co-worker against another co-worker are also considered sexual harassment. 

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How to Free Up Time For Your Favorite Hobby

15 Jul 2016

Every person has a hobby. Maybe, it has not been opened yet, but I am sure that you have an activity you like to be engaged to the most. Playing football, taking photos, singing, dancing, decorating, cooking, swimming – so many different hobbies people have. Only a part of humanity has a job, which is connected with the activity they enjoy. Another part finds a time for their favorite occupations besides their main job. But I never understood people, who had left their interests.

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What to Do if You Have no Idea How to Write an Essay

14 Jul 2016

Students often have a question «How to write an essay?». You can ask for advice your classmates, teacher, parents, friends or can ask it the professionals. Writers from custom writing service always have the answers and advice. They are experienced masters from different countries all over the world, who have the same goal. Your essay can be written by the freelancer from England, Spain, Portugal, USA, Brazil, Philippines, Poland, Israel, Argentina or Austria. Of course, if you want only the native speaker to do your work, you can note about it when ordering. The expert will consider it when choosing an author for you.

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