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Should we Outsource our CSR?

22 Mar 2017

In studying our service request process, it became apparent that our ten customer service representatives (CSRs) working on a shifting schedule to serve hundreds of our customers everyday are not efficiently answering the necessity for fast service. Despite computerization, the CSRs were filled to the brim with requests, and they are overworked for accepting the requests and processing them for technical support to attend to. Add to this, they also accommodate account information request from clients. While our technical support is comprehensive, they are waiting for requests which are coming from the CSRs. Without reports from the CSRs, they cannot answer to a customer request whether for connection or repair.

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Causes of World Hunger

22 Mar 2017

Approximately eight hundred million individuals are victims of what is technically referred to as “chronic hunger” (World.., 2006). In addition to that, a little more than a million people live on less than one dollar a day (World.., 2006). These facts actually confirm that hunger, indeed, exist worldwide (World.., 2006). But why? World hunger is brought about by the following:

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What decisions might a manager make based on financial statements?

22 Mar 2017

Financial Statements are considered to be an important piece or source of information not only to the external users of the information such as investors, creditors, government and the regulatory agencies and analysts, but also to the internal users, which predominantly includes managers.

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What are the world’s most Important Population problems?

17 Mar 2017

Over two hundred years ago, Thomas Malthus predicted doom if human population continued to rise unabated. Though humanity is not likely to end soon, adverse effects have already began to be felt and if the situation remains unchecked, it will lead to catastrophic experiences that will are likely to make life unbearable. The issue of the rise in human population has continued to hit the global headlines for long with debates being on the increase whether the world's capacity is being stretched beyond its elasticity point. An in-depth look at the impact of overpopulation indicates that it has led to a number of problems among them being environmental pollution and resources depletion.

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What roles do IMF and BIS play in prevention of monetary crises?

15 Mar 2017

Much has been said and written about how financial crises and monetary policies should be handled in different situations, but it will be interesting to have a closer look at how the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements work for the prevention of monetary crises on the global level.

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Poverty: Causes and Cure

15 Mar 2017

Poverty is the condition for the greater number of people in every country and possibly in the whole world. Reasons why this happened have been asked a million times by many. The poor individuals have been blamed for their plight. Indolence, indecisiveness and lack of integrity are several causes that have been thrown at these poor people why they are experiencing poverty. Another cause is the government. Their implementation of certain projects and laws were being questioned as these seemed to impair the growth and progress of their country. These causes of poverty and unfairness are actually true. Though most of the time the more serious and pressing global causes of poverty are, it is not given adequate time to be discussed.

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What causes poverty?

14 Mar 2017

Wherever and whenever a flash of the new view of poverty is found, there is found also growing interest in its causes. This interest increases with the persuasion that it is not desirable that there should always be a certain number of men bare and hungered and in prison, even for the sake of giving some other men the privilege of dressing and feeding and visiting them (Gilder 1993). Just after poverty is recognized to be undesirable, from the point of view of both rich and poor, the question emerges whether it is inevitable. Any endeavour to answer this question includes logically an investigation into the reasons for the existence of poverty, but as a matter of experience this attempt seems to be neglected. We are unwilling to admit that anything in the economy of the world to which we seriously object must be helplessly endured. With the formulation of the question we face the problem how poverty may be reduced and obviated. With purpose to do this, however, we are again driven to investigate its causes.

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Compare and Contrast Western Migrations

13 Mar 2017

The word “migration” has been going on since the beginning of evolution, usually in search of food, protection, decent weather, and a safe place to live. Today, people still migrate but usually in search of a different job, or a desire to live in a different type of location - - either a smaller town or to a big city or a warm climate or even a colder. Comparing and contrasting the migrations in Grapes of Wrath and in My Antonia, show two different types of migrations that were a major part of our history at two different periods, involving different groups of people migrating for two entirely different reasons. Throughout the paper, the lives and experiences of these different characters are shown in their settings, both in their home country and that of the new land.

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09 Mar 2017

The country side of the south western Louisiana is dotted by small towns and boasts to its name the origination of Zydeco, a one of a kind, merger between musical customs of the French speaking African & American population residing in the United States. The birth of this musical practice can be traced back to the times when modern modes of entertainment were not available and the populace had to stay content with house dances. It was at these primarily French social gatherings that the white French speakers, or Cajun, and the black French speakers, or the Creole, mingled and a cultural exchange took place. These house dances are the roots of this musical practice and it is from here that the modern likening for Zydeco commenced. Called "la-la", the music of these social gatherings found the platform on which modern day zydeco has evolved. Starting from Louisiana, the music slowly traveled with the black populace to the eastern part of Texas and to the state of California.

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Obstacles for economic policy coordinations

06 Mar 2017

There are three main obstacles for successful coordination of international economic policy. They are enforcement, uncertainty, and corruption (Frankel, 1990; Tanzi & Davoodi, 1998). World trade organization is the only global trade organization which deals with the trade laws. So enforcing the laws uniformly among the nations is one of the main problems. And the countries uncertainty about the laws in the long run is another problem. Finally corruption will decrease the productivity of the investment due to some companies who invest in a country’s trade for kickbacks or for bribes.
“What are some obstacles to successful international economic policy coordination?”

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