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Essay Criticism

01 Nov 2017

The start of the essay itself is very abrupt there is no proper introduction to the entire essay. The sentences are rather long and incomplete, for instance “No amount of replication, no matter how…” The sentence does not end correctly with a period. In the second paragraph, the use of “namely” is misplaced, there are many such words used inappropriately. The references and quotations are also not correctly done.

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Fundamental Writing Strategies for a Medical Audience

02 Oct 2017

Effective and professional writing, whether to lay people or to the unique medical community, relies on fundamental writing skills coupled with a focused and principled message that is tailored to the needs and desires of the audience. Even the finest writers sometimes focus too much on their ideas without remembering and empathizing with the intended audience. When medical professionals comprise the target audience, the writer is required to employ a broader yet precise approach. However, writing to any audience requires a deep, sound skill set and a coherent vision for conveying the desired message.

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Writing the Negative Letter

29 Sep 2017

Vice President – Information Technology
SM Land, Inc.
10/F, SM OneE-com Center
Harbor Drive, Mall of Asia Complex

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Writing to Explore

29 Sep 2017

Writing to Explore is a process of self learning in writing. The response I have written to make a career choice or Major, qualifies in most of the goals aimed at such writing. In Rhetorical Writing, my writing appeals to me and I think it is appealing to readers in the scenario of those who are on the verge of making important decisions in their life. I have achieved my purpose of writing as I have learnt some of my assets and have identified what I do not like as a career plan. I am surprised at the strengths I have so I have learnt to hone my weaknesses by noting them down.

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Writing for Business

28 Sep 2017

Writing for the academic environment is usually a matter of accomplishing or completing a task for class or for a specific subject. The end result will be to fulfill or satisfy some scholastic requirement, in order to successfully pass the class or course. Another result of such a writing is for the professor or the instructor to know how much you understand the subject, or for him of her to gauge your level of competence. On the other hand, when one writes for the professional or business environment, the result will be to fulfill a job or task that has been assigned to a person by reason of his or her specific position or job designation. A professional or business communication may be a simple memo, a report, or could be a complex and sophisticated presentation of technical and analytic data. For example, a performance report may be issued by the company to its employees, stating how the former perceives the work done by the latter. One result of a professional or business writing would be that the company is able to function and perform its primary tasks. Such writings aid the various employees of the company in order to properly coordinate and work together, since each unit or employee will be able to know what the other is doing. Also, business writing may be addressed to clients and customers. Here, the key is to know the perspective of the specific audience you are addressing. This will ensure that what you are writing is clear and will be able to easily get your massage across.

In the academic setting, the writing audience may be one's professor or instructor, or even peers and fellow students. For the professional setting, the audience may be a boss or a superior, fellow workers or employees, or sometimes it can be one's customers or clients. The occurrence of writing for multiple audiences may vary depending on the purpose of the writing or communication. For example, in both the academic and the professional setting, a presentation one has made may be viewed or addressed to several persons, thus making the writing available to multiple audiences. Lastly, the purpose of the writing or the communication will determine why the academic audience or the professional audience will read the specific document one has written.

The sources of evidence for an academic work would depend on the nature of the task or assignment. For example, a research paper's sources could include academic books, journal articles, statistical data, and other published works. An accounting student who needs to complete a balance sheet will need perhaps ledgers or books of account to be able to do the computations needed. On the other hand, the sources of evidence for writings for work may include other reports or communications from colleagues, presentations, marketing data, and even office memos and instructions. Of course, the sources of evidence would still depend on the kind of writing one has to do.

There are several organizational patterns one can use in writing, and these are: order of importance, classification, chronology, persuasion, compare and contrast, process analysis, cause and effect, problem-solution and spatial order. All of these may be used both for academic and professional or work-related writing; it would all depend on the specific kind of writing one is making, on the purpose of such, or on the target audience. An academic writing may use compare and contrast, as when one needs to compare different accounting methods to find out the most efficient and effective tool to use. A work-related writing may use the process analysis, as when a company would like to find out the efficiency of its factory or plant operations.

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Writing an essay: A process analysis essay

27 Sep 2017

Contrary to proper belief, writing an essay is not an easy task. It requires good understanding power, with linguistic skills and an excellent ability for logical presentation.

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25 Sep 2017

Writing for me is no easy task. In fact I dare say that most often than not it is a source of constant frustration and mental agitation for me. There may be rare moments that when I look into the fine literary works of celebrated authors I deceived myself into believing that to write is perhaps easy. Yet I had come to realize that it is entirely a different matter when I write my own thoughts on paper than by just reading the works of others. Attending this class had somehow helped me come into better terms with my writing competency or inadequacy.

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A journal article review

15 Sep 2017

I retrieved the article that I will evaluate from the online database JSTOR. This database contains a lot of journal articles which a user can choose from, not only about medicine but also from other fields as well. Its vast content is probably the best feature that I like about this database, as simple keywords could have a lot of results in its search engine. Specifically, the articles I have retrieved have complete publication information which can be used to verify its contents. Also, the contents could be read online or just be downloaded in a computer for offline use.

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How to Write a Narrative Essay?

13 Jul 2016

In a narrative essay usually described an event which took place in someone's life. It could be an event of your life, of your best friend or of some significant person. In this paper, the author not only wants to show the order of actions but also to convey his feelings and attitudes towards them.

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Comparison and Contrast Essay for College Students

12 Jul 2016

Writing a comparison and contrast essays is a frequent occurrence because they get thinking, analytic and writing abilities evolved. In this form of an essay, students need to analyze any two subjects, find and point out their similarities and differences. Such works can have only comparative character (paying attention only to similarities), or only contrasting one (finding the dissimilarities) or both comparison and contrast.

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