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Film Essays

Wherein the world is Osama Bin Laden

10 May 2017

“Wherein the world is Osama Bin Laden” is a 93 minute movie released in France and USA in English, Arabic and French languages. This movie is directed by Morgan Spurlock and the film has locations of Afghanistan and Middle East.

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When watching a film

04 May 2017

When watching a film, an audience will often simple enjoy the film on a purely entertainment level, however, it is also important to look beyond the surface and understand what director is trying to say thematically. Pointing out the director’s thematic concerns, however, is most difficult task. Of the many underlying themes in the film Ju Dou, I would like to discuss director Zhang Yi-mou’s use of colors in the film and how they tie into thematic concerns.

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When a Man Loves A Woman

28 Apr 2017

The movie When a Man Loves A Woman starring Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia clearly represents some psychological concepts discussed in class (cause, effects, denial, recognition and rehabilitation). I had seen the movie before and enjoyed it, but now, since taking this class, I understand so much more about the movie and the characters. This movie is one that clearly depicts the many and varied effects of alcoholism on a family. Emotional, psychological, and even physical effects are felt by Alice Green and her family members. Alcoholism is not an easy thing to deal with especially when combined with depression and/or some bipolar or manic aspects.
Alice Green is the main character in this movie and the person that the movie revolves around quite literally. With her, everyone is happy (even when they aren’t) and without her the situation is miserable and the family unit falls apart even further. Alice is typical of a white female alcoholic in many ways, but in other ways, she breaks the mold. Alice drinks both inside the home and outside. She is almost as likely to go out for a drink after work with friends as she is to drink from the many bottles hidden all over the house. She says that she began drinking in high school and never quit. She is almost rather manic in her actions and moods, but the diagnosis is not bipolar disorder; it is alcoholism.

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What Person Should I Be?

20 Apr 2017

The movie The Emperor’s Club is an inspiring film about the quest for purpose and happiness. All men strive to become better persons, lead meaningful lives and make a difference in other people’s lives. The film has a number of characters that mirrors the central ethics of character, virtue, practical wisdom and flourishing. The story revolves around Professor Hundert, a classics professor who is passionate about his work and has made it a mission to effect change in his students’ lives. Hundert finds inspiration in helping students become better persons by teaching them to be with integrity, honesty and academic excellence. Hundert has often been confronted with situations that test his honesty, like when he learned that a student was cheating in his famous Mr. Julius Caesar competition. He kept it a secret for 25 years until the same group of students was reunited for another round of Mr. Julius Caesar.

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Japanese and Hollywood Silent Films

19 Apr 2017

Japanese and Hollywood movie makers of the past are among the notable groups that created silent films, filming their early silent films between the end of 1890s and the early years before the 1920s. Both groups have established their indispensable presence in their respective geographical locations and that, although both are widely separated from one another at least in terms of distance, both have served as precedents for the years to come in the movie industry.

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“What About Bob?”

15 Mar 2017

The movie "What About Bob?" tells of a Dr. Leo Marvin who is well known because of his book, "Baby Steps". The story unfolds when Dr. Marvin is leaving on vacation and Bob has become a new patient of his. Bob has had several other doctors; one has even quit his job and is moving to get away from him. It seems that Bob is quite a nice and personable person but has many paralyzing phobias that he thinks requires constant attention from his doctors. Just after his first visit Bob contacts Leo twice and believes that he just can't make it without his doctor. Leo makes no doubt about it that Bob will have to use a different doctor while he is away and that he will not be available. Bob so scared after the doctor leaves that he fakes his death and calls the answering service, Leo's exchange, in an effort to get the doctors address while he is on vacation. Because Bob is so nice and it seems everyone just loves him get the address and follows the doctor on vacation.

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Western Film

13 Mar 2017

Since the beginning of cinema in the United States, there has been on genre of film which has been explicitly American – the Western. Though touched on by films in other countries, the Western film has been used for decades as the quintessential view into American ideals and lifestyles. Though this genre has not changed much in since its inception, stylistically, it has changed in its way of expressing and covering issues of American culture.Many clichés have arisen out of the western film. The “good guys” wore white clothes. The “bad guys” wore black clothes. The lawmen were always on the side of truth and justice – and often portrayed as immensely stoic – if not immortal. Other clichés of the genre include the “savagery” of the Native Americans and the bravery, and justice displayed by every man in the position of “right” – IE. Marshals, military men or even the unaffiliated heroes such as the Lone Ranger.

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Whale Rider; Rapa Nui

13 Mar 2017

Not just the words through the movie, the narration by Kahu, but the music that moves with the shadows and light in the ocean, has an overwhelming emotion with which the viewer may identify. When the narration begins, it is Kahu who says, “There was no gladness when I was born”. These words are witnesses of events to happen. This is no story which begins with joy, but a tale where great hardship must happen first so that when the joy does come, the audience knows what a battle it was to get it, and how much more rewarding it is after such tribulation.

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28 Feb 2017

A rather unglamorous looking spaceship floats through the darkness of space. Its name is The Promise, and it carries with it a population of 131,079. There are only seven crew members, the rest are all part of a cargo of men, women and children in hyper-sleep stasis. These are the elite and wealthy members of the human race who have used their privilege to leave behind an ecologically devastated Earth for the untainted new frontier of a planet orbiting the Alpha Centauri star.

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Social Realism Film Review

23 Feb 2017

Whoever said that “art for art sake” is enough should think twice.Even in the earlier centuries, art has played a very vital role in arousing social consciousness. Art has been used to express contention over repressive social phenomena. Works of art which depict social issues are more likely to be appreciated than those which are mere expression of the artist’s personal interests.In the United States, during the Great Depression in the 1930’s, the American Scene Painters became known for its works depicting social realism. These social realists are into exposing the social troubles of the urban lower class. With no doubt, we can consider art not just a form of personal emotions but as a great expression of the depressions of the society that we are in.Social realism could be furthered defined as the representation of the struggles of the working classes and the urban poor. Social realist artists basically give chance the voices of the oppressed sectors of the society to be heard.

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