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Why the embryo is a human being

02 Jun 2017

The embryo is the beginning of the life of a human being. It results from the fusion of a male and a female gamete known as sperm and ova respectively at the time of fertilization until about 8 weeks after fertilization where it becomes a foetus. At this point, the embryo has undergone various stages of development. The issues of abortion and embryo research which result in the death of embryos have created much debate regarding whether the embryo is a human being or not. Arguments concerning biological development and the time when ensoulment occurs have been put forward to explain the status of the human being.

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Smoking and its Causes

22 May 2017

Today, most, if not all, cigarette ads and packaging labels from all over the world include a warning. The warning, despite being translated in many languages, essentially bears the same message: Cigarette smoking is dangerous to the health. Moreover, some even state that cigarette smoking kills. The warnings are written in a simple, straightforward and strong manner. Sadly, many people brush the warning aside, because for them, these merely ‘states the obvious’.

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Occupational Safety and Health

16 May 2017

Occupational safety and health of individuals is a very critical consideration at international levels a major consideration being Australia. A number of international agencies play a very important role in shaping occupational safety and health. In this paper, World Health Organization (WHO) and International Labor Organization (ILO) are the two main considerations. World Health Organization (WHO) whose headquarters are in Geneva plays the role of coordinating international public health especially in Australia.

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Means Available for U.S Citizens to Obtain Health Care Coverage

20 Apr 2017

The article “Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2002” was written to act as a pointer to the state of healthcare coverage in the United States. Well after the turn into the new millennium, the number of American citizens who had to go without health care coverage at one point or another; or altogether, kept increasing.

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What is the role of non-governmental organizations in assuring the health of the public

14 Apr 2017

The current condition of the World is not very good. Though the World has advanced technologically but with every aspect and development there is a negative impact also. This negative impact has taken the World in to some serious problems. Including these problems are the conditions of the third world countries and the countries that are going through the state of war. These countries have no where to turn for help and need to be provided help in these worse conditions where so many lives are at stake. To help the people of these countries some organizations have been formed by the civilians present in different parts of the world belonging to developed or developing countries (Ahmed and Potter, 2006).

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Substance Abuse

12 Apr 2017

Nothing is wrong when someone uses drugs as medication and drinks alcoholic beverages. But becoming addicted to these substances is a serious case that becomes difficult to deal with when it gets out of control. Substances that are usually abused are drugs, tobacco and alcohol, and abuse can turn into dependency.

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What is a virus? Why are they so difficult to control?

31 Mar 2017

Viruses are microscopic particles of 20-300nm in size, obligate intracellular parasites; they can reproduce only by invading and taking over other cells as they lack the cellular machinery for self reproduction. Host range includes a wide variety of animal and plants. There are viruses which can infect bacteria and they are called batceriophage. A complete virus particle is called virion consisting of its simple nucleic acid (either RNA or DNA) and a protein coat called capsid. Viruses with DNA as genetic material are called DNA virus ( eg: herpes virus or Adenovirus etc) and those with RNA as genetic material are called RNA viruses ( e.g.: Foot and Mouth disease virus, SARS virus, HIV etc). Virus encoded proteins form the capsid. The nucleic acid and the capsid together termed as nucleocapsid. Certain viruses have a membrane or envelope covering the nucleoacpsid and they are called enveloped viruses. The envelope is usually of glycolipid and the lipid membrane itself and any carbohydrates present are entirely host-coded (The Influenza virus and HIV use this strategy to evade the immune system).

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Aspect of My Health that I Would Like to Change: Smoking

22 Mar 2017

All of us are only entitled to live our lives only once. It is just ironic why many individuals have habits that shorten their lives, that is regardless if they are living depressed or happy lives. Out of the long list of life-shortening habits, smoking is the most resounding and notorious in the list. Even the smokers themselves view the habit of smoking as harmful. Smoking even belongs in the list of the top causes of death practically everywhere in the world. But despite of its reputation as a top unhealthy habit, most smokers find it difficult to withdraw from their addiction. Smoking's grip is not just because of the addictive chemicals in cigarettes like nicotine. Addiction to smoking is a double-edged dilemma. The act itself is addictive for smokers, like holding a cigarette and puffing out smoke.

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What aspects of Respiratory Care interests me most and Why?

22 Mar 2017

Respiratory care is usually provided by respiratory therapists or respiratory therapy technicians and involves diagnosing, treating and providing healthcare to people suffering from respiratory or breathing disorders and cardiopulmonary problems. The respiratory care therapist would be providing care to the patient on the direction of the physician. It is a very interesting branch of healthcare. They would be responsible for the treatment of the patient and would have to supervise the treatment provided by other healthcare professionals including respiratory care technicians. A respiratory therapist would also be providing emergency respiratory care to patients suffering from trauma, heart attack, drowning, etc, and hence have play a major role in saving the life of several patients. Hence, the job satisfaction obtained in delivering respiratory care is high.

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Health promotion interventions

15 Mar 2017

As more people these days are getting older, it comes with it the learning that there are special joys and triumphs that the aging years offer. There is the leisurely pace, opportunities to embark on travels, pursue long postponed projects or hobbies, and therefore remaining active and involved as much as possible.

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