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History Essays

Women’s Rights

23 Jun 2017

In Susan B. Anthony’s speech, Constitutional Argument, she denounced the apparent prejudice of society against women especially in the right of suffrage, in response to her arrest for her “crime” of “illegal voting.” What this implied was that women were not considered citizens of the United States as far as Anthony was concerned. What is interesting to note in her statement was she quoted the paragraph in the Declaration of Independence that stated “all men are created equal” and “corrected” it by adding something said by a Quaker preacher “and women” to underscore the existence of women in American society and making it known they take offense on being excluded and marginalized, especially when they were expected to abide by the laws of the nation (Zieren 153).

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Witnessing events in History

20 Jun 2017

I would want to witness historical events particularly World War I and II because I believe that the current state of the world we live in today is a result of many historical events. The way things are now is attributable to the fact that things have changed and past events greatly contributed to that. Historical events often crowd our textbooks, magazines, television programs and even the World Wide Web. This is strongly an indication that the value of past events has not wavered. Continued references to history all the more emphasize the role it plays in the present times.

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A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian

12 Jun 2017

Survival, the fact of having managed to live through something, is the theme of the plot of the “A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian”. The story is speaking of Nadia, a daughter of Pappa, her sister, Vera and Pappa, in some references, Nikolai, who started the whole story when he fell into the trap of deception and fell in love with Valentina as narrated in Nadia’s perspective. Both of Pappa and Valentina were Ukrainian immigrants. It seemed like the first story of survival was when Pappa who was recently widowed chose to marry in an unlikely time of his life and marry a lady who desired a luxurious western-oriented lifestyle. Their relationship was a fifty-year gap, Valentina being junior to Pappa. Pappa was not able to sustain the lifestyle Valentina was accustomed to such.

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Why is the Great Wall of China built?

30 May 2017

Great Wall of China is one of the eight wonders in the world and it is significant to know of why the great wall was built. The primary reasons are territorial boundary and protection during the war. Historians and archeologists explain further the beginning grounds of this spinning dragon spanning across the whole China—The Great Wall.

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Why did the knight become the supreme fighting force in medieval Europe?

20 May 2017

In medieval times knight was the name of noble horseman warrior, well-trained and equipped for battles with enemy horsemen or infantry. Knights became the most effective units on battlefields very quickly and have held this superiority for centuries, and not without reasons.

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Who Really Killed the Electric Car?

16 May 2017

The electric car has been a ray of hope in solving the world’s emission problems since a huge amount of carbon dioxide and air pollutants come from vehicles. The birth of the electric car has been involved in a lot of controversy since it was removed from the streets faster than it was built. General Motors initially held a strong interest in developing these cars they called the EV1 but all of a sudden decide that they want to end the project. The car company may have been the one who built the new electric car but it is also the one who killed it.

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Who were the sans-culottes?

16 May 2017

The Sans-culottes were an outstanding social movement at the end of the nineteenth century and were highly involved in the French Revolution. They were considered to be one of the first working class groups that have political ideologies and social condition.

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Relations between Native Americans and British colonists

15 May 2017

In the latter half of the eighteenth century, relations between Native Americans and British colonists (and later Americans) steadily worsened due to a variety of factors. Not only did white settlers increasingly encroach upon Indian lands after the Seven Years War, but the legacy of that war and Indians’ desire to retain their territory and sovereignty made peace impossible and long-term conflict inevitable.

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Who are the Norwegian Americans

15 May 2017

We, Norwegian Americans, are the successors of Norwegian immigrants who came to the United States in the later half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. We have the contribution of more than 4.5 million people in the population of America (Wikipedia). Though we were spread everywhere in America but mainly we live in the Upper Midwest and West.

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The Causes of the Great Depression

28 Apr 2017

There is a reason behind every event that occurs. Throughout history, there are many unfortunate circumstances which happened; to be able to thoroughly understand these, one must trace its underlying causes. The Great Depression was one of the most difficult phases in history. In essence, the era was defined by economic failure and widespread unemployment. Though the Great Depression was experienced in various parts of the globe, the negative effects were heavily concentrated on the United States of America. This essay seeks to determine and explain the causes behind the Great Depression.

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