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Literature Essays

Women’s Rights as a Theme of A Doll’s House

13 Jul 2017

Women made many sacrifices in the late 1800s. Some sacrifices were expected and some went unrecognized. Nora spares her dying father from knowledge that would surely distress him and breaks the law in the process. Nora makes a risky financial agreement with Krogstad which saves Torvald’s life, yet she must hide her ingenuity. Mrs Linde sacrifices her true love in order to marry well and support her relations. Whether expected or unrecognized, sacrifice of some description was part and parcel of being a woman during this period.

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The Things They Carried

07 Jul 2017

The Things They Carried is a novel describing the War in Vietnam as seen by a soldier who is both the narrator and the protagonist of the 22 stories that make up the book. Although the events are fictional, it is worth noting that the author, Tim O’Brien – who is also the narrator/character – was deployed in Vietnam, so the descriptions of events and people are done using very realistic details, a technique called verisimilitude, which gives the novel a sense of authenticity. Women appear to play a small role in the novel but in fact they are crucial both to the story and the character. Present or not, named or unnamed, the role of women is incredibly important to understanding not only the novel itself, but particularly the characters. Thesis statement: the women in The Things They Carried are idealized by men and this ideal image is seen as a means of surviving the war, but in the end, their ideals are shattered by reality.

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Women in Literature

06 Jul 2017

Most characterizations of women in literature are based from a patriarchal mindset. Women are often portrayed in many short stories and novels as nagging wives, overly demanding mothers or passive individuals who rely on fate and miracles to be able to surpass misfortune. These demeaning representations of women in literature are very much evident in the short stories I Stand Here Ironing (1956) and To Room Nineteen (1978), as well as in the novel The Joy Luck Club (1989). In the process, the patriarchal belief that it was disastrous for a woman to take charge of a family was reinforced.

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Women in Russian History

23 Jun 2017

Natalia Pushkareva’s book` women in Russian History: from the Tenth to the Twentieth Century’ entails a clear and extensive scrutiny at the series of events involving women that unfolded in the period between the two centuries. This chronological account looks at the diversified average and extraordinary history of women in Russia. The writer dwells on topics touching diplomatic activities, poor and unmarried women in Russian villages, dental problems and their rights own property.

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Literature - Woman Authors

22 Jun 2017

Folktales are the facts and incidents related to the lives of ordinary people but they carry profound meaning and provide the realistic assessment of their existence. The life of each individual is a folk-tale, something very special, whether you name it thus or not. In her story, Leslie Marmon Silko has provided unassailable facts and arguments as to how folktale is part of our present life and what is has in store for the future. Flannery O’ Connors takes on the nihilistic philosophy of life. How is myth employed in the criticism of a given social and cultural order? Can myth and fiction play a role in the transformation of the real world and what could be its impact on the day to day life of humankind?

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Woman on the Edge of Time Book Review

22 Jun 2017

Nobody can ever see and realize what is in the mind of a woman considered to be crazy but the person herself. In fact, it is unfortunate to note that not even her thoughts and emotions, however real they seem to appear, may even rescue her from the demeaning and judgmental position of people and the society in general. However, is it not more valuable to consider that a supposedly irrational woman possesses much wisdom than a normal person? This is especially if she is able to clearly identify and understand that the apparent horrors of her existing world are undeserving of what the future promises to provide.

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Poetry Evaluation

21 Jun 2017

There are several ways to analyze and evaluate the thought of a certain poem. Tools such as use of language, metaphors, figurative language and word of choice are some of key components to unravel the mystery of the poem. Poetry is the expression of one’s thought or experience mixed up with drama and alchemy of words. Since these components are the key to decipher the poem, let us first define what these tools are. First, the use of language, this refers to the way the poem was written.

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The Metamorphosis by F. Kafka

21 Jun 2017

Franz Kafka belongs to those writers of the twentieth century whose fiction express sorrow over the fracturing of human community. His well-developed, modernist parables often do not have any fixed meaning, yet they reflect the insecurities of an age when faith in old-established beliefs has crumbled. Kafka masterfully combines within one framework the knowable and mysterious, an exact portrayal of the factual world with a dreamlike and magical dissolution of it. The analysis of one of his works will allow seeing in what way Kafka attains that profound quality of his expression of the experience of human loss, estrangement, and guilt - an experience increasingly dominant in the modern age. Kafka’s best-known story The Metamorphosis is the illustrative work in which the realism of commonplace detail clashes with not just improbable but absurd turns of events.

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Essential Spirituality of Mary Rowlandson

20 Jun 2017

In 1676, during the last phases of King Philip's War, which is considered to be the most important Indian war in New England, a group of Nipmunk and Narragansett Indians attacked the frontier town of Lancaster, Massachusetts, burned the town and captured many of the settlers. King Philip is the name of the chief of the Wampanoag Indians. Mary Rowlandson, the wife a minister in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and her three children were among the unfortunate captives.

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Margaret Edson’s Wit

19 Jun 2017

Margaret Edson’s Wit is a stage presentation rich with word play, intertextual gestures, and, most importantly, with irony. Tracing the ordeal of Dr. Vivian Bearing, distinguished scholar of the seventeenth-century metaphysical poet John Donne, from her diagnosis with stage four ovarian cancer through her treatment under the watchful eye of Dr. Harvey Kelekian, Wit is built primarily on the complex ironies available through the dramatic strategy of role reversal. Dr. Bearing the renowned researcher and scholar suddenly finds herself recast as patient Bearing under the day-to-day care of one of her own former students, Jason Poser, and Susie Monaghan, primary nurse for the cancer unit. Although her professional standing as “a force” in her field link Dr. Bearing to Dr. Kelekian, the ironies of her new role place her much lower on the institutional hierarchy.

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