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What was your most difficult experience that demonstrates your ability to resolve problems?

25 Apr 2017

In a hospital, problems do arise on a daily basis, with regards to the patient workflow. Some of these problems once solved, would lead to even greater ones. I do feel that the internal strengths of my organization are effective to handle the workflow. As having qualified and well-trained staff members adds to the strengths of the organization, it would be easy to solve many of the work-related problems concerned with the patient workflow. However, if the staff members are in a conflict situation, it could be a very difficult problem to solve, as it could have a cascading effect, especially on the workflow. I do feel that conflict situations amongst the staff member are the most difficult problems to solve. There was once a conflict situation in our organization with regards to the patient workflow. Through experience I feel that the authorities should play only a supervisory role and instead should ensure that the staff members can actually decide how this situation is going to be solved and actually implement the plan.

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What Motivated Me to Go to Earn a Graduate Degree

20 Apr 2017

In life we are given numerous choices that we have to take that leads us to our desired path and outcome. These decisions guide us and help us understand the complexities of our actions can dictate our own future. Despite the occurrence of setbacks and hurdles along the way, all these incidents strengthen our calling to become better individuals and competitive professionals in the things we do. With these, I wish to present my intentions of pursuing a graduate degree in philosophy

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What Motivates Me To Stay Employed As A Police Officer In Northern Ireland?

20 Apr 2017

In the words of a great man, motivation is a personal drive with you the driver. This was why a speaker once said “People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.”” The choice of life we want to live and be remembered for is our choice, nobody can make it choice for us.

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What Makes Me a Skilled Internet Researcher?

19 Apr 2017

There is the undeniable fact that today's generation is well acquainted with the technology brought by the continuous developments in the field of technology and inventions. Today's generation or the so-called Generation Y lived in a society where information could readily be accessed. As such, facts and data could be easily obtained through the use of modern, high-tech tools.

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What is your American Dream?

18 Apr 2017

No dream is more precious and unique than the dream of the dreamer itself. Every dreamer has a unique and artistic idea for the future. This is one of the driving forces that made every human being eat, work, and strive. However, achieving success is not like stepping on a bus and from one moment you’re on another place. It is strived hard and one should have the patience and perseverance to achieve his dreams.

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What Drives You?

28 Mar 2017

“I know what it takes to be a Tiger. Convention 90% and invention 10%.”

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What does 'American' mean to you

27 Mar 2017

The diversity that exists in the United States is what has helped me to understand what it means to be American. I realized that every person had their own story to tell; from the hotdog vendor around the corner to the policeman on his beat. Each and every person here had dreams and aspiration to make it big in the United States and they worked hard to become that. These people have come in search of better fortunes. America gives them the opportunity and in return they give back by enriching the American experience. I may not have seen Brad Pitt or even Michael Jordan but I have seen the people who make America what it is.

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What Can I Do to Fight Racism?

22 Mar 2017

Racism has existed throughout human history. It entails the abhorrence of one person by another due to the belief that that other person is less than human being because of his or her language, customs, especially his or her skin color or any other factor that exposes the essential nature of that person ("Racism"). For me, the belief with regards racism still depends on one's upbringing. Family is the basic foundation of one's beliefs and points of view of an individual, and as such, one's family background and upbringing either helps or avoid the development of a racist attitude. It should start in the parents' advices and lessons with their children. As a daughter and sister, I will treat all my relatives, whether they are of different races, equally. I will love them just like how I love my parents and siblings. Being a student, my viewpoints regarding racism has been altered when my eyes has been opened into different perspectives. I learned that all humans, whatever race they belong, are equal, especially in God's eyes. Therefore, I, as an individual and as a human, must treat all human beings with respect, without discrimination and prejudice. I need not be an ethnocentric who believes that the basic standard and principles of life and everything around me is anchored to the culture where I belong and to the country where I live in.

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A Miracle, a Gift, a Joy

22 Mar 2017

I am more than in the spring of life. It was ten years ago that made me understand the fullness of life. Ten years ago was a moment that painted and created a different meaning of my being a woman. Ten years ago made me understand completely my purpose in life. So, I prepared for that moment like I have never prepared for anything else that happened to me. I wanted that moment like I never wanted anything else in this world. I was worried, I was afraid, I was happy, I was excited. My husband and I looked forward to that moment with so many dreams; hopes; plans and wishes. My entire family prayed for every good tiding that such moment will give us all. Ten years ago was the time when I gave birth to my son.

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What Did I Learn in Sociology Class

14 Mar 2017

I learned from my sociology class that poverty exist even in highly developed country such as the United States  extending to the slum areas of India’s urbane cities. Poverty permeates the different levels of socio-cultural identities an individual has such as its income, gender and status. The advent of modern technologies brought about many challenges that aggravate poverty resulting to a creation of its two faces.  The two faces of poverty, I learned form my sociology class consist of American and Indian style of poverty. 

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