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31 Jul 2017

As an international student from Taiwan, I have a distinct background and many unique qualities. As an undergraduate student at the University of North Texas, I overcame the difficulties posed by language and cultural barriers. As an Electronics Engineering Technology major in college, I was the first student in my class to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam and am now a registered Engineer-in-Training in the State of Texas. In addition to a broad knowledge of science and engineering, I have a strong background and interest in circuit analysis, microcontroller programming, and quality assurance. I also have a great deal of laboratory experience in application software – especially using LabVIEW for data acquisition and control. For my senior design project, my teammates and I built a self-balancing-wheel prototype for the purpose of securing a patent. The project involves applying physics concepts to initial design, implementing strain gauges and Wheatstone bridge circuits to build sensors, programming a MC9S12C32 microcontroller. It also included designing and building a voltage regulator circuit, an input interface between the sensors and the MCU, and an output interface between the MCU and stepper motors.  I found this experience to be valuable for me as it gave me an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills I gained as an undergraduate student. I found it to be a positive opportunity to work as part of a research and development team.

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The Wisdom I Believe to Be

19 Jun 2017

Wisdom is too broad a term to be defined in a specifically objective manner. Similar to terms such as love and happiness, it is much of a concept than a word to be identified. Due to many experiences of critical thinking, I have come up with the most personal definition of wisdom as the concept knowing how to act in the best way possible despite the conflicts brought about by personal and rational reasons. Wisdom is all about control. Being wise is having the ability to control one’s personal desire and interests to perform the best solutions possible.

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Why You Should Join the Military

07 Jun 2017

What makes the military a unique place? Is it because of the discipline that they instill in their men? Is it because of the power that goes with the ranks? Why is it even essential that one should join the military? Perhaps it is the values that the military instill in men that can motivate one to join it—values such as respect, obedience and discipline are virtues one can easily learn when one is in the military.

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Why I want to become a lawyer

07 Jun 2017

Basically, I want to become a lawyer because I believe that it is a good way of rendering service to society and that it will fully develop in me skills, abilities, and attitudes that I can apply in a lot of aspects of my life. I believe that the law profession plays an integral role in any community as it is generally works to analyze and solve legal theories and ensure that justice is enforced. In this regard, I want to be involved in that kind of profession while at the same time ensuring my professional growth.

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Why You Are In This Class, Or College?

06 Jun 2017

Following my heart’s desire, love for the discipline, and my acute wish to be with animals, I decided to venture into veterinary studies so as to help animals to enjoy favorable lives on earth. My great yearning to live with the animals has made me to take the responsibility of learning about their treatment. This longing developed two years ago when my 3 colleagues and I traveled to Africa whereby I saw a very sick animal which was towards its death.

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26 May 2017

Scholarship grants are given to students or other individuals for educational purposes. These awards may be given in cash or in the form of credit to be applied toward payment of educational costs. Most scholarships are awarded on the basis of high academic achievement, good character, and financial need; some are granted through competitive examination. Many scholarships are awarded, without further qualification, to capable and needy students.

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Why I Want to be a Firefighter

26 May 2017

One of the most important decisions that anyone will ever make in their lives is their choice of a career path; for some, money and recognition are most important in making that choice. For others, myself included, there is a higher calling- the desire to serve the community, protect others, and promote the safety of those who cannot protect themselves. In this case, my calling is to become a firefighter. With this choice in mind, this paper will focus on various elements of professional firefighting, including educational requirements, an overview of what this career path will entail, how this course will help me in this choice, and other elements. Ultimately, this paper will provide me with a great deal of self discovery, and will inform other readers about this noble and challenging career choice.

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Why I want to be a Physician Assistant?

26 May 2017

“To me the ideal doctor would be a man endowed with profound knowledge of life and of the soul, intuitively divining any suffering or disorder of whatever kind, and restoring peace by his mere presence”.

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Why I want to be a Registered Nurse?

26 May 2017

The pursuit of one’s goals and dreams are journeys that oftentimes take a lifetime to accomplish. There are those who reach the end of their lives not accomplishing what they wanted to do because they were either too intimidated by the prospect of even embarking on such a quest or they did not have the right opportunities in life. Yet, there comes a certain point in one’s life when one experiences an epiphany of sorts, coming to a new understanding of something that one previously considered as a mastered art. For myself, this was the pursuit of my education as a registered nurse.

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Why I am an American Patriot

25 May 2017

Patriotism is not just another word in the dictionary. Being a patriot is not just another abstract characterization of someone who is more than willing to grope the challenges in one's hands and set it up as a brick where the nation can rise above. Being a patriot means more than just being a man or a woman. It takes more than that or any lexical synonym one can think of.

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