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Psychology Essays

Women and Dating

26 Jun 2017

What is dating? How do we understand it? What are some of the reasons women date? Whom should we date? Where should we go for dating? What should we do on a date? How far may we go in our touching and kissing? Where do we draw the line? How do we know where to draw the line? These are questions we hope to tackle.

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Women and Men

23 Jun 2017

As human beings, there are some aspects in our thought that we can’t account for why we particularly think that way. Sometimes, we discover we have some preconceived ideas about a group of people, an issue or about a thing, not knowing what informs our perspective of the issue we are thinking of. When this happens, then we have a stereotype about the idea in question.

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People’s Trust to the Government

20 Jun 2017

The government has its own roles and obligations to the society and to its own people. Every decision of the government is vital to the decisions or point of view of its people or to the public. There are many causes for the public not to trust the government and these are more likely due to what the public perceives in the news, papers, etc. Some are true but some are also half –truth and worst some are lies just to make good public impressions. Although some causes for the public not to trust government, there are also some which causes the public to trust the government. With the recent headlines which are influential to the people and to almost everyone publics are baffled or confused whether they would trust the government or not.

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Relationship between man and woman

08 Jun 2017

Relationship between man and woman and their complications, this is the theme of the three texts “Why I want a wife” by Judy Brady, “Love must not be forgotten” by Zhang Jie, and “In the end, we are all light”, by Liz Rosenberg (1986). The first text is a satire of the roles of wife as ideally enumerated by the author. The second is an exploration of representation, gender, sexuality, and female autonomy (Gillette, 2003). In the last text, the status of love and sacrifice between man and woman is emphasized. Among the three texts however, Brady’s work is most effective in conveying her thoughts about relationship and roles between man and woman in marriage particularly.

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Why People Commit Crimes

01 Jun 2017

Around the world, crime remains a plague that affects every human society. The said plague affects people of all ages and of all economic status in the society. In fact, the following reports particularly helps in proving this particular truth:

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Why Kids Kill

31 May 2017

Time and time again, just when we think that the world is finally becoming a better place, we are shocked with news of brutality committed by children. We do wonder, what’s become of the kids who are supposed to be spending their days watching cartoons and playing with the kids around the neighborhood. Who has robbed them of that childhood innocence? Are we, youth and adults who make up the rest of the world partly to be blamed? This essay will discuss the factors which influence kids to move down the path of violence, and its effects to the society.

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Why is there more violent and aggressive behavior

30 May 2017

Today more than ever, violence committed by the young is rampant. School shootings have been repeatedly occurring. School bullying continues to be a problem on the rise. Fraternities are also becoming a major problem. Individually, small-time violence has been happening all throughout. The families, friendships, and organizations with which the young are members are becoming prey to violence everyday. Why has the youth of the United States become violent and aggressive?

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Why We Do What We Do When We Do What We Do

22 May 2017

We do the things we do because we perceive that it is to our benefit to do these things, and, as in Deci and Flaste’s (1996) further assertion, the perception of intrinsic motivation and autonomy plays a key role in fostering individual well-being. Although there are claims to self-sacrificing actions, it is my belief that all behavior is self-centered behavior, and that each of us acts with our individual self-interests uppermost in our minds.

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Communication Barriers

04 May 2017

When we communicate, we filter everything through our own cultural lens. Discuss how this may distort messages and be problematic in our personal and professional lives, giving specific examples. How can these barriers be removed?

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When a person only has five years to live

28 Apr 2017

When a person only has five years to live, it is important to get to some of the things that people put off in our hectic, rat-race world. It is important to be fulfilled and to strive to do the things that you wanted to do. Without being trite, take inspiration from a movie like “The Bucket List” and put a plan in motion for what to do and how to do it.

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