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Science and Technology Essays

Unlimited Access to Computers and Information

17 Mar 2017

Anthropology is mainly the study of all the various aspects of man. It includes the observation and research on human cultures and different societies (Pritchard, 2004). Logically, since the effects of inexpensive to almost unlimited access to computers and information in a post-industrial economy have emanated from men, then its study has become relevant to anthropology. The fact that the matter deals with the reaction of man to a kind of innovation in culture, makes it significant to the field. In addition, these effects that may be discovered may also be used as bases for upcoming anthropological issues. Thus, finding these said effects may be considered as anthropologically important.

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Parts of the .NET Platform

17 Mar 2017

The .Net framework is the strategy used by the Microsoft Web services in order to link information, people, system and devices together through the use of software applications. Through the use of .Net you easily build, set up, control, and use associated solutions with Web services. The Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Windows CardSpace are the three most important parts of the .Net platform. These parts are essential for the development of Windows Web services to the people.

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Key Factors of Program Evaluation

16 Mar 2017

Evaluation is a process that is considered essential especially to groups or organizations that are administering a project or program. It determines the worth of the project, as well as assesses whether the goals of the program are being met (Trochim, 2006). Results of evaluation are used as basis for improvements for the people involved in the program in order to gain benefits and minimize loss (Love, 1991). As such, factors that may affect the program evaluation should be taken into consideration.

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Remote Physical Device Fingerprinting

03 Mar 2017

Fingerprinting of devices derives its name from the technique of fingerprinting of human beings to determine their identity. Just as every human being has a unique set of fingerprints, which are used to identify him or her correctly, electronic devices such as computers also have unique digital fingerprints, which can be used to identify them correctly. Fingerprinting of devices can be defined as a process by which a device or software that is being run on a device can be identified using characteristics that are observable externally. In this essay, I will discuss a paper presented in the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy in 2005 on remote physical device fingerprinting.

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Technology in Teaching

27 Feb 2017

Computers had gone through a quite great change through the passing of time. Computers had revolutionized the way people live, the way people interact with others and the way they educate themselves. Computer magazines are of great help to keep track what are the current happenings with regards to this industry. PCWorld magazine is one of them. One of their latest issue headlines the release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, (21 Quibbles I Have With Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard). Though the one they had posted is more likely a form of a critique rather than a promotion of the said software, their article would explain to the people what are the pros and cons of dealing with these advances. PCWorld also had a separate article, (Vista vs. Leopard: Battle of the new Features), giving comparison of the said Mac OS Leopard to its counterpart in Microsoft, the Window Vista. The article had chosen to enumerate the features that one would be ahead of another to effectively give to their consumers not only the advancements but also the flaws made by the developers of the two products.

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Research Paper Discuss Spam and Spyware

27 Feb 2017

Information technology deals with the employment of electronic computers and computer software and hardware to be able for the required information to be converted, stored, protected, processed, transmitted and retrieved safely and securely.In the 1970s, information technology came into being. However, the fundamental concepts of information technology had been alive before it was termed as information technology. The military and many industries had been able to help each other by developing electronics, computers and information theory. This was evident throughout the 20th century. With the efforts of the military and the funds it had provided, the discovery and innovation in the field of mechanization and computing has been able to provide motivation for newer developments.

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Animation Techniques

27 Feb 2017

All animation started with the mouse in Florida. Walt Disney. Animation is a sequence of drawn pictures, first manually, one by one, now computer enhanced. In Disney’s beginning stages, animated programs required 24 images to produce one second duration of television programming. Producing animation was cheaper, but the financial income potential was limited. However in those days, Mr. Disney was doing great financially. Animation filming techniques continues to invent increasingly brilliant ideas for developing these bewitching little creatures to entertain us. Animation uses new technology giving illusions of movement at various speeds, depending on the role amazing little creatures are playing. Modern animated movies play more smoothly and fluidly than classic cartoons. An Even today, “A full length animated movie takes a million separate drawings and three years to complete” Walt Disney. Animated images are designed in several dimensions, usually, 2-D or 3-D. Animation is very fascinating, fun to watch, and portray fluffy story lines. After all, children are its target audience. The colorful, vibrant charming multi-dimensional creations mysteriously give false impressions of movement and deceptive appearances of being simple to create.

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Biological Basis of Homosexuality

23 Feb 2017

There is an ongoing debate on whether homosexuality has a biological basis or not. The search is on for the genetic, chemical, neuranatomical and functional evidence that the “third sex” is innate and not just a choice or entirely the product of psychosocial factors. There have been several studies supporting this theory. However, they are not without their flaws and even the interpretation of the results leave room for criticism and alternative explanations. This paper aims to examine the so-called proof of the biological basis of homosexuality.

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Mass Communications

22 Feb 2017

Mass communication, can help an individual be involved into different adventures especially during wars where a field reporter can be given a chance to cover the big event which can be part of the world’s history; thus, without mass media we will be unaware of the happenings of our society that will make us unconcern to the status of the society where we live in. Mass communication is correlated with the mass media which involve journalism. Mass communication is a very challenging profession because it can truly enhance individual’s communication skills and hasten his/her knowledge to be more equipped and competitive in his/her chosen endeavor which is in the mass communication.

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RNA Interference

21 Feb 2017

RNA interference is an accepted mechanism for suppressing gene expression. This anti-viral response can be exploited to permit to specific reticence of the intention of any chosen target genes as well as those concerned in causing diseases such as cancer, AIDS and hepatitis (Downward, 2004). It is already imposing as a very useful research tool which allows for faster characterization of the intention of the known genes. More importantly, it augments efficient genomics to assist in the uncovering of novel genes concerned in the disease development. Many people—both scientists and layman—are gambling that it can be used as an valuable therapeutic strategy to suppress the actions of the target cells (source of disease) (Downward, 2004).

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