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Science and Technology Essays

Wireless Video Applications

19 Jun 2017

The paper “Wireless Video Applications in 3G and Beyond” provides thorough examination and evaluation of wireless video applications which are expected to go to the technology market in 3G mobile networks. The paper addresses mainly error control technologies in view of “wireless video”. Several related 3GPP standards are introduced for readers in order to provide better understanding of wireless technologies. Actually, the authors pay attention to circuit-switch multimedia telephony, multimedia messaging services, multimedia broadcast service and, finally, end-to-end packet-switched streaming. It is necessary to admit that those technologies are discussed in terms of their supporting technologies.

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Wireless modems

16 Jun 2017

Wireless modems are communication devices that provide a possibility for a system to connect to the network without any physical cables, like in the case of Ethernet cables. A wireless modem connects to a wireless network instead of to the telephone system. When connecting with a wireless modem, a system is attached directly to the wireless ISP (Internet Service Provider) and Internet browsing becomes available. Wireless modems operate at speeds comparable to dialup modems, not anywhere near the speed of broadband Internet connections.

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Windows Vista vs Windows XP

15 Jun 2017

The comparison to Windows Vista and XP is that Windows Vista is a lot more safe, reliable and has better features and benefits than Windows XP. Microsoft really outdone themselves by creating such a masterpiece when they created Windows Vista. The features of Windows Vista lets you get your work finished in a shorter amount of time and lets you be safe while you are working on a project. Also, you can invite people to work with you by sharing your documents, notes and other useful data only with the people that you invite.

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Perceptions of Technology

09 Jun 2017

The technology for making movies was in place by 1895, but the true potential of movie-making was not realized until two decades later with D.W. Griffith’s 1915 full-length feature film Birth of a Nation. The narrative form and filmic techniques employed by Griffith may have ensured that movies were a viable art and entertainment form, but the rise of American film as a key industry was based on other developments of the first two decades of the 20th Century, notably World War I. The Great War placed the American film industry in a position of undisputed economic and artistic leadership (Cook 48).

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Ethnoscientific approach

13 Apr 2017

Ethnoscientific approach to fieldwork means that the structure or the basis of knowledge that is being used to study or to analyze people as subject for anthropological studies is their culture. This means that behaviors, actions and characteristics of people are being evaluated through the use of their specific culture (Lucas).

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What is Web Interface Design?

11 Apr 2017

This is highly associated in the development of Web pages, software and multimedia. Also, it could be considered relevant in the formation of any forms of instructional or technical media. It has four distinct factors in utilization: Usability, Functionality, Accessibility, and Visualization.

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What is not Science?

11 Apr 2017

Science is a broad category which includes discoveries and experiments based on hypotheses and predictions. Thus there is knowledge and academic disciplines which cannot be interpreted as science. Most of them are based on scientific knowledge and principles but has nothing to do with science.

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What is programme evaluation?

11 Apr 2017

Programme process evaluation focuses on program implementation and operation. A process evaluation can answer questions regarding program effort; identify processes or procedures used to carry out the functions of the program; and address program operation and performance. Process evaluation adds a qualitative dimension to the descriptive statistics furnished by a monitoring system. From a monitoring system, one might learn, for instance, how many counseling sessions of what duration were received by participants in a drug treatment program; or how many new cases were opened for investigation by a law enforcement agency. A process evaluation would expand these indicators by providing information on particular modalities of treatment or tactics of investigation. In addition to furnishing richer data on some of the more quantitatively elusive aspects of program operations, a process assessment can also capture important information about a program's social, legal, and political context. Since local cultures play a key role in shaping the direction and results of new public policies, understanding the local environment is crucial to understanding how a program works.

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What is criminology? An Annotated bibliography

10 Apr 2017

The credibility of this book stems from the fact that is written by an expert in the field of criminology. This is demonstrated by his having been awarded the Teacher's Excellence Award by Mercyhurst College (2006) and recipient of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Fellow Award (2000). The author, Frank E. Hagan, holds degrees from Case Western Reserve and Gannon, Maryland. Director of the James V. Kinnane Graduate Program in Administration of Justice, he has written many journal articles and authored seven other books: Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology; Deviance and the Family; Political Crime; Crime Types and Criminals; Essentials of Research Methods in Criminal Justice; The Language of Research; and White Collar Deviance.

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What is genetic engineering?

10 Apr 2017

Genetic engineering (Recombinant DNA technology or rDNA technology) is the deliberate, controlled manipulation of the genes in an organism with the intent of making that organism better in some way. This is usually done independently of the natural reproductive process. The result is a so-called genetically modified organism (GMO). To date, most of the effort in genetic engineering has been focused on agriculture. Genetic engineering has numerous benefits, including the production of food-bearing plants that are resistant to extreme weather and adverse climates, insect infestations, disease, molds, and fungi. A major motivation is the hope of producing abundant food at low cost to reduce world hunger, both directly (by consuming GMOs to human beings) and indirectly (by feeding GMOs to livestock and fish, which can in turn become food to humans. GMO s are being widely used for producing recombinant proteins for human and animal therapeutic uses.

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