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19 Dec 2016History Essays

For long the stories about what shaped America had been stories about how one struggled against poverty and how one made the journey to progress. Any country being tied down will want to get out and fight for his freedom. This has been the dream of many for years, a country that although there are different states will be bonded together, thus came the United States of America. The United States of America has taken quite a long time before it had reached the right to be respected and admired. Freedom was a struggle that was not fought by a single person or a single group. Success was not made overnight. All wanting the same thing, all Americans fighting for the same principle, this might be the reason others see the American Revolution as one unified moment when in fact it was the struggle of many.

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Change is significant if most of the persons included in the group are not comfortable with the present situation that they are into. After decades of reign by the British colony had to stop, Americans wanted change, they needed one. It took almost nine years before the American has gotten answers. The American Revolution was one of the longest battles America has ever labored on.

Colonization has started the discrimination in America. Most of the native dwellers were considered to be of lesser being of those British that tries to dominate the country. Native Blacks were seen as someone who is demonic and are made slaves by the colonizers. The first war for revolution was against the British Colony, Americans wanted their own government. It was a revolution for independence, for equality, for a government that the Americans can say is rightfully theirs.

The first few dwellers of the state of Massachusetts were the Puritans; this group has been an advocate of freedom and independence. The Puritans is a group of a religious group, Protestants that has been part of the American Revolution. Although they are from England and are British immigrants, they have grown a heart for the country that they are now dwelling; they too have wanted a life outside the colony.

John Winthrop is the leader of the Puritans who migrated in Massachusetts. They have been part of the democratic struggle of America to find its true sense. The dilemma of the puritans is about how to stay strong to the holy principles that they believe in and how to properly manage his group. Winthrop extended the rule of office. He has extended political rights to most people that the other British leader would have not done. Winthrop has help establish the first constitution of Massachusetts. They have not keep the power just within, even if the consent of the dwellers is not needed when leaders make the laws fro them, Winthrop has change this. Winthrop’s respectable form of leadership has contributed to the American Revolution. It has started the freedom of thought and thus American’s has questioned their way of life and revolted against the colony. Winthrop may have been an English national but he has seen the evil within the colony, a situation that needs to be change.

Massachusetts is one state in America that has been an advocate of equality and freedom. During the colonization era, agriculture was the main source of income for most dwellers. By the 18th century, sea faring trade has been included in the businesses of those who live in the state. One of the products that are being imported by Massachusetts at that time was sugar. Economic status of the state was flourishing but political dilemma was also happening. America was another British colony at that time; the colony tried to control the trade of sugar by issuing the “writs of assistance”. This was opposed by colonial political leaders like James Otis. Otis is a lawyer in Boston and a general of the vice admiralty court. This issue about the issuance paved the way for Americans to want a change in the current status of their lives under the colony. The American Revolution was born out of these grievances; Massachusetts has also been an active partaker for the Constitution of the United States to transpire.

Americans were not in unity against the British during the American Revolution. They were also pided on what is really supposed to happen; should the British leave, will there be a future without their governance? America was pided into two. In the South, there was the secession of eleven states thus President Jefferson Davis formed the Confederate State of America and a government establish by Abraham Lincoln in the North. President Lincoln proclaimed the Union blockade of all southern ports, this action that he did is an action against the southern. This action has shut down nearly all international traffic and most local port-to-port traffic. This blockade had shut down King Cotton and ruined the southern economy.

In the declaration of independence, it has stated the principles that America is to set their works and government from. Thus it could be said that the American Revolution was also a war of ideas; of what principles should be acknowledge and how to run their government. The father of Revolution, Samuel Adam believes it so, that we have to make ourselves under God’s governance in all decisions that we are to make regarding how we would like America to be. From that day on the American Constitution had been revised and done all over for a couple of times but still upholding what they call, the American dream.

Before the Constitution, there was the Article of Confederation; this is the first governing document of the United States of America. The Article of Confederation was used during those times that the United States of America is still within a shaky ground. Life was not yet as good as it is now. It could be said that those were the starting days of America; when it was trying to build what could comprise the great American dream after the revolution. The Article of confederation was ratified in 1781. It was the Article of Confederation who first used the name the United States of America. Since the Article of Confederation was the first set of rules of America, it has many loopholes.

Some of the loopholes of the Article of Confederation will be regarding the terms of office of government officials, rules on taxes, slavery, military and monetary affairs of the country. The way the laws were promulgated has been conflicting. Policy makers saw the need to modify the rules. Thus the United States Constitution came into effect. Officially it was in 1788 when the Articles of Confederation was legally replaced by the United States Constitution. The ratification of the Constitution has gone through a lot of drafts and debate before it could be amended. It was all a worth it cause because the Constitution has proven its stability during those times that United States of America is under fire.

Politicians wanted a change, they wanted a strong government that can hold its states and promulgate just laws. John Dickinson (1787) has remarked that “… government should be like the sun and the states the planets, repelled yet attracted, and the whole moving regularly and harmoniously in several orbits…”

The American Revolution is not a single unified event but a series of awakening and wars.

Every decision that we make in life comes with a corresponding responsibility. Battles are not being fought because of hatred; it is more on because of ideologies, of what one perceives to be right wherein the other think of it as negative. No war waged is ever futile if the end will justify the means.


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