How to Win in Monopoly

Published 14 Sep 2017

The complexity of the economy of the real world makes even the most expert economist scratch their heads. That is just one reason why the board game “Monopoly” is such a popular game among any age group. As the title of the game suggests, it also feeds one of the darkest of human intentions, which is to monopolize everything. In the context the game, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your playmates cling unto their last dollar and worship you for your economic dominance-the sad part is it is only a game. But the question that should be asked is: how does a player get the majority of the property cards and have large amounts of cash that even the baker would envy?

The first step would be familiarizing oneself to the rules of the game. Monopoly is a brutal and an unforgiving board game. Those who are already familiar with the game are like sharks that can smell blood. They can sense whether a player is just a novice. And if a player had joined the game without being familiar with the rules-that player must prepare oneself to be bullied…in a board-game context. Read the rulebook first and know the nature of the game, from there you could strategize.

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It would be very helpful if a player would not get upset in the entire course of the game. The player should remember that Monopoly is a game that is based on luck-perhaps the two size-sided dice and the “chance cards” would remind us of that fact. Do not get frustrated if you do not land on Park Lane even if you wished it on a falling star. No one can tell the roll of the dice unless a player is a mutant or something. Moreover, being frustrated would only distract you from your strategy.

And of course, approaching the game with a little dose of intellect would not hurt. It would always pay to smart in any game, even in life. You really tell whether a person have difficulty in handling money when he or she is always going bankrupt in Monopoly. A proven effective way of playing smart Monopoly is spending the money wisely. Smarting spending in Monopoly would mean constant purchasing of available properties. Again, do not wait until you land on expensive properties such as Park Lane. I would reiterate that Monopoly is a game of luck, the company that had published the game even states that in the manual.

There would be two main reasons why a player should buy properties when they have the chance. First is that purchasing one could lead a player to purchasing all the properties of the same color. Your opponents would kneel down to you if you have purchased all of the same color group as you can charge them double rent. Second is that it simply prevents the other players from having the chance to charge you with double rent-simple.

May I just add that the money in Monopoly is not real after all. Do not be afraid to spend fake money, but still spend it wisely or else you would be subject to oppression from other players, but only during the duration of the game.

To boost your chances of winning the game, you could learn probabilities-but the technical stuff strips the game of the fun. It is already a logically-winning-inclined situation if a player would play the game wisely. So if you would soon play Monopoly, you must remember to know the rules, know the nature of the game, and be wise, do not talk to the dice, just monopolize.


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