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Movie 300

15 Dec 2016Film Essays

300 is an action/adventure film that has classifications of violence, nudity and sexual situations. Released by Warner Brothers, 300 is a Zack Snyder film whose main cast includes Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, Dominic West, David Wenham, Vincent Regan and Rodrigo Santoro. The plot of the movie retells the Battle of Thermopylae back in 480 B.C. where a troop of “300” Spartans under the command of Warrior-King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) battled the estimated 200,000 to two million Persians.

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Greatly inferior in number to the vast force of Persians who were ruled by King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), the movie depicts admirable valor in the face of insurmountable and inevitable defeat. Although the Spartans were not victorious in the battle, they had inflicted serious losses to the Persian forces which led to the latter’s defeat in another battle a year later.

My personal comment on “300” is that it is generally a tribute to masculinity, giving much screen time to well-built men whose heroism is vividly displayed in the graphic and stimulating action sequences that were perfectly crafted by the film’s special effects team. There is also considerable but necessary show of flesh which supplements the movie’s artistry, which is cinematographically contrasted by gruesome yet tame scenes of gore. The images remind one of a comic novel that graphically comes to life, and the scoring is not typical of a legendary epic film but rather a composition of contemporary sound editing that catches the ears even when your eyes are glued to the screen.

Since the actors are not easily identifiable, the setting becomes even more realistic as they easily blend in with other actors in the film. Butler is remarkable as Leonidas the king, the warrior and husband, as his queen (Headey) convincingly exudes the role of abiding wife but certainly with equal strength and passion as that of the king. Their chemistry with the other characters makes this a spectacular action film that has fresh image qualities. My overall opinion of “300” is that it is definitely something to be enjoyed by moviegoers seeking worthwhile viewing. I would give two thumbs up for the production of this movie.

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