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Natural Disasters

24 Feb 2017Other Essays


Natural Disasters are a part of the world we live in today. Since the inception of life on earth, we have been bombed continuously with Mother Nature’s force; some of us died whilst some of us survived. Managing ourselves during the times of such crisis has been an essential element in recovering from the forces on which we have no control. This is what Disaster Management is all about. Disaster Management, a subject that is a part of environmental psychology enlightens its audience with several aspects of natural disasters and how they can be managed. There are several career options and the need for professionals in this field grows with the growing number of disasters today. From hurricane Katrina to super cyclone Guno, in each disaster, we have witnessed losses of lives and money. The natural disasters are unavoidable as they are powerful forces of Mother Nature but what we can do is to offer the best management techniques for such disasters; enlightening people on what they can do during such calamities can reduce losses to a great extent.

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Disaster Management helps us realize the immense strength of Mother Nature on which we cannot have any influence. Neither their direction nor the nature can be changed in any way but what we can do is to prevent damages that may result due to such powerful natural disasters. Based on the reports by several natural disaster detecting machines that detect the direction or precedence of these unfortunate events, people can be evacuated from their homes to safe places that would help prevent loss of lives, which I believe is the most essential reason as to why we actually have disaster management today…


What we really understand through these events is that we learn lessons from each disaster that takes place. Every natural disaster occurs differently and thus, for different reasons, we need different management techniques that would help us manage situations much more effectively. Hurricane Andrew in the early 1990’s drew a major attention by the damage it caused followed by Hurricane Katrina and Rita last year. Furthermore, the Kobe Earthquake in Japan hit $147 billion direct damages, excluding lives, properties and many other damages (Christine, 1995). There have been so many natural disaster events that we remember and we forget as time passes. Therefore, what remains are vague memories as we move on in life…

I believe that the disaster management is an essential part of our lives today as such events are unprecedented… They are unexpected and thus, their news of arrival may come as a surprise to us even though we have sophisticated machines. Disaster management prepares an individual on what can be done during a short period of time when such a crisis occurs. Instead of blatant confusion and worry during such a crucial and critical time of crisis, it would help us to deal with such crisis rationally; thereby reducing the casualties as well as loss of properties. Risk managers play a vital role in such events and thus, such professionals draw an insight that would help us foresee the situations and their consequences in advance. Disaster management is not only meant for professionals related to this field but for everyone in general as natural disasters don’t pick places, people or timings… they have their own course of occurrence…


Christine, Brian (1995). Disaster Management: lessons learned. Risk Management. Published on the 1st of October 1995; 

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