Profession and Passion

Published 30 Mar 2017

Work enables the individual to provide a greater outlook on life with regard to the concept of ‘earning for a living’ all the while providing a satisfaction of biological and personal needs. Thus, the concept of profession is more of a personal pursuit that enables the individual to align interests, abilities, and talents to a profession that cultivates such and enables future growth and development.

Thus, my chosen profession is on the field of law, specifically to be a lawyer. Laws are created and enacted by society itself in order to provide order and organization in a societal level. In addition, laws are made to provide justice and equality, in order to make these laws a universal truth that applies to all individuals without exception, bias, or classification. As a lawyer, this profession provides an insight toward the technicalities of law. In its altruistic sense, the profession of being a lawyer means to have the ability to interpret the law and to provide information amid its technicalities. As such, these legal practitioners utilize their information by arguing against violations, penalties and crime that are not, in some ways, in accordance with prescribe laws. It is therefore, the duty of these lawyers, to make sure that the laws that they have first studied and contextualized should be followed by all individuals in a given society.

Legal practice is indeed a profession, for in general, it possesses involvement on the functions of society on the field governing organization and the law. As law is one of the vital cogs in society, the notion justifies the existence of legal practices as well as the existence of lawyers, in order to create, study, determine, and interpret the law. Legal practioners are bound by duty to make sure that law applies to all and it does not turn an eye because of gender, race, color, culture, and any other forms of discrimination.

The legal profession provides an overall contribution to society in general; that is in a metaphysical sense, the bearers of justice and equality. In its altruistic sense, the nature and essence of law is to provide a set of norms that enables society to act according to rational behavior, not mere irrational character impulsivity, personal bias, etc. Laws are created so that no individual is above or below the law; it upholds the individual in equal contempt without any bias. As such, the provision of justice and equality is in itself, an idealistic notion, but the legal profession is supposed to uphold such. Second and the more physical ‘rewards’ of the selected profession are wealth, a sense of honor, and a contribution to the individual ego of the person (e.g. pride, prestige, power, fame). However, these physical factors are often attributed to a negative connotation, as these rewards often subject the individual into a position of self-indulgence and the extremes of personal character. Thus, some legal professionals have a deluded conception of the power they hold, giving themselves a self-given right to exercise a false authority over persons outside the legal world.

Nevertheless, the essence of a true profession lies with the individual’s capability to instill passion and dedication toward a chosen profession. This is the basic definition of what a true profession is. In this case, it also applies universally to the legal profession and lawyers themselves. In essential, the basic needs in order to acquire the chosen profession require a wide understanding and specific interpretation of the different laws not only in a specific state, but also international and world laws. With this in consideration, it provides a clear understanding of the different cultures and world-views of society through the laws created. Another quality or characteristic, though not necessarily needed, is a sense of dignity and honor, which discourages the corruptibility of the person in terms of money, power, and fame. But as long as passion remain the true purpose of the selected profession, it need not matter for the person to concern him/herself with such matters that may taint the profession in which one pours dedication, passion, and excellence.

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