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Resigned Employee Exit Interview

24 Feb 2017Other Essays

The focus of this case study is on employee retention and turnover. Mr. William James, the newly hired director of human resources for an academic medical center noticed the unusually high rate of employee turnover and decided to determine the reasons many nurses resign and why others stay for long.

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Nature and Cause of the Problem

Mr. James saw that the current record of the nurses’ turnover rate was 18.4% from 11.6% in metropolitan area. He thought that the exit interview results could help him better understand the problem. He found out that many of those who were exit interviewed did not accurately note the real reasons they tendered their resignation. They avoided issues that might aggravate the current situation so instead, the reasons they gave for resigning were personal- or family-related and better job offering. What made Mr. James more disappointed was that only few among those who resigned gave suggestions and recommendations on how to make the nurses stay long.
Mr. James believed that there were problems in staffing, in the respect they earned from their immediate supervisors and even from the top management, and giving out salary increases and choosing staff for promotions. All these problems had created tension among the nurses and a stressful work environment. Yet, Mr. James has to gather enough proof to justify the existence of these problems.

The problem has been there in the institution. No action can be taken because inaccurate data were collected from those who had resigned. These unresolved issues within the institution, should not be resolved, will surely increase the rate of turnover of the nurses. The root of the problem should be identified and resolved immediately so that still employed nurses will not entertain the idea of looking for a better place to work.


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