Sexual Revolution in United States and Its Continuous Chang

Published 25 Apr 2017

The sexual revolution in United States was first introduced by Margaret Sanger during the 1920s. The concept of the sexual revolution evolved in the sexual behavior and morality of the people particularly in the Western part of the world.

When Sanger introduced the concept of the birth control, eventually, all the legal prohibition in the U.S. constitution that pertains against birth control is cast off. The abortion has become a legal act in the United States and the use of contraceptives has become rapid. Despite the opposition of the Catholic Church, many Catholics (people) accept the birth control and abortion.

As the years pass by, there are lots of changes in the society especially in the Western countries. It has become more liberated than before. And since, abortion and contraceptives are legally and morally accepted by many people there, even youngsters and teen aged citizens are involved in sexual intercourse. There are increasing numbers of case of unexpected pregnancy among young generation. This is because people involve in such activity might think that contraceptives could be a safe protection from pregnancy. However, contraceptives are not always giving assurance for the user that it would always work properly. Thus, people might think that they could always perform sexual intercourse without getting pregnant. Aside from that, since abortion, in the United States, is legal, many people are not really afraid to get pregnant even though they are still not yet ready for the responsibility of parenting because the solution of aborting the infant could be legally done.

Along with these issues in sexual revolution, there are reasons why such occurrences are happening. First, there is increase in financial capability of a woman to buy contraceptives like pills because they could already earn money in the modern days unlike before that they are used to be in the home. Another reason is the technology and new inventions of the science that could apply in our daily living. Modern science and technology are always there to give the people the solution to their problems like teenage pregnancy and others. And also, along with the new generation, the liberal ideas spread out through the world, that is why, even the behavior of the people which is influenced mostly by media are now evolved into more liberated ones.

Among the issues of sexual revolution, the most important one for the United States, I think, is the issue of abortion. This is because even before, it has been an issue world wide, given that the United States is one of the top countries in the world, it has become a model for other countries to pass the same bill. And also, it is considered as liberated western country that is why it stands on its stand that abortion is legal. However, as of these days condition, that the United Nation has the Millennium Development Goal to decrease the mortality rate of an infant, it is a challenge for the United States to comply and share with the global goal.


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