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Staffing Discrimination

02 Dec 2016Other Essays

The most obvious and common limitation of the use of statistical results on potential staffing discrimination is its possibility to mislead inferences, especially when courts are over relying on it when dealing with the case. This means that even with standard deviation at hand, the results cannot interpret completely on staffing disparity. Furthermore, many social studies suggested that results on statistical findings must not only interpret based on statistical significance of those findings. For the socialists view, aside from dealing with statistical significance, statistical results must be interpreted based on economic significance. The importance of the use of economic significance in interpreting statistic findings is the incorporation of magnitude and overall implications of the reported correlation and effects.

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According to Employment And Labor Update (July 2006), the effort to use the combination of statistical and economic significance of the courts has already began in recent years. But, the use of economic significance gives does not give itself a single metric, such as a standard deviation, a leading explanation. In the future, as many cases deals with more and more sophisticated and common statistical and economic significance, employment attorneys must consider many concerns. One would be a necessary increase on the level of scientific strictness in statistical studies on staffing disparity. This is due to more rigorously advance implementation.

Next is even if the intimate details of a staffing process, the implication would be added to issues on using both the statistical and economic significance. Then there would be a requirement to undergo more careful dissection of the underlying staffing process. Lastly, and in connection to the later concern, the skills of experts who acquire a good grasp on the understanding of staffing processes would be another requirement. The need for the understanding on discrimination concepts as a whole and a more multi disciplinary approach will also be a must. These understandings will aid the researchers, attorneys, and courts on getting the most reliable statistical evidence.


Update, E. A. L. ( July 2006). Evaluating the statistical and economic significance of statistical evidence in employment discrimination cases [Electronic Version]. Employment And Labor Update. Retrieved August 4, 2007 from http://www.lorman.com/newsletters/article.php?cd=13142:0:1:1:7&md=96770:0&article_id=440&newsletter_id=96&category_id=1

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