Technology in Teaching

Published 27 Feb 2017

Computers had gone through a quite great change through the passing of time. Computers had revolutionized the way people live, the way people interact with others and the way they educate themselves. Computer magazines are of great help to keep track what are the current happenings with regards to this industry. PCWorld magazine is one of them. One of their latest issue headlines the release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, (21 Quibbles I Have With Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard). Though the one they had posted is more likely a form of a critique rather than a promotion of the said software, their article would explain to the people what are the pros and cons of dealing with these advances. PCWorld also had a separate article, (Vista vs. Leopard: Battle of the new Features), giving comparison of the said Mac OS Leopard to its counterpart in Microsoft, the Window Vista. The article had chosen to enumerate the features that one would be ahead of another to effectively give to their consumers not only the advancements but also the flaws made by the developers of the two products.

The first featured in the Leopard is its automatic backup capability called the Time Machine. It is intended for making automatic copies of edited files on a separate drive. Vista has its counterpart through its Shadow copies. The advantage with the Leopard’s Time Machine is its nifty 3D interface and it would be available on all editions of Leopard. On the other hand, Vista offers Shadow copies only on its Ultimate, Business and Enterprise Editions. One thing that Vista is ahead is that its Shadow copies don’t need to be in a separate drive. Going back to Leopard, it has another capability embedded in their Safari web browser. Safari’s web clippings enable someone to select a portion of a website and then instruct the browser to clip it that would make that portion always visible in the desktop’s dashboard. Whenever there would be an update on those web clippings, the dashboard would be updated. The Vista also has its counterpart in their Internet Explorer 7 but PCWorld had stated that they were not as simple as Leopard’s Web Clippings.


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