What approach should a contractor adopt in building relationships with clients

Published 13 Mar 2017

Previous years it was known that getting a tender means long life income. However as time progressed, the dynamics of business have evolved. It can no longer be assumed that by just providing technical services all problems are solved because it’s a constant process of multiple factors to build strong relations with clients. That is why in today’s world companies have kept an expert for client relationship as well. The function of these managers is to comprehend and meet the expectations of the clients on a continuing basis. In this way clients insight is positively persuade that the company is providing services in their best interest. (Source: Building Client Relationships)
Many aspects have to be looked at by these professionals for construction and preservation of effective relations. First and foremost is the focus that must be given on the process. The objective is to be seeing the bigger picture by not confining the services to just technical issues but that in realizing client’s basic requirements as well. By exposing their real needs from the start will enable more open deliberations of problems in hand. For it to actually happen, requires constant listening and asking queries as more deep responses from client will uncover their concealed plans. (Source: Building Client Relationships)

There are times where activities before actual meeting determine the outcome. That is why before actual meeting is personally conducted, it’s vital to utilize this time in working out a viable option to meet the desired outcomes of interested parties. Another important factor is finding common positions with the client, professionally or personally. This will help in building the backbone relation with the client as such factors just make the relationships more flexible.

However it’s important that the manner of dealing with client must be looked at with precision. Right mixture of co-operative or competitive method can result in better outcomes as it’s necessary to adapt according to the situation presented. Lastly everything seems meaningless without a plan. Developing a plan at initiation will help being more organized at delivering the outcome to the client. By understanding the timeframe, not only would that help in becoming a better negotiator but in determining what to do at any given situation. (Source: Building Client Relationships)


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