What Art Is and How Art Should Contribute To Society?

Published 17 Mar 2017

Undoubtedly, art is a very multifaceted concept, which has many different meanings. Art can be defined as a number of forms (ex. music, poetry, cinema, sculpture and others), which help to express human mind, feelings, vision, imagination, etc. Also, art means applying a person’s talents, skills or abilities in a creative manner to reflect his or her personal apprehension and perception of the reality. Finally, art is an important element of any national culture, which accumulates spiritual and aesthetic values of the nation.

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It is impossible to underestimate the significance of art and its influence on our social life and personal development. As a cultural phenomenon, art plays valuable role in social evolution as a reflection of all historical eras and epochs. Certainly, another principal function of art is educative. It helps to broaden one’s outlook, to understand human life, to develop creative thinking, and so on. In the article What is Art?, Shelley Essak says that “Art is something that makes us more thoughtful and well-rounded humans.” (Essak, n.d.)

First of all, art should contribute to society by giving any individual an opportunity of free expression of any personal exclusive idea or feeling. At any time and place, people should be able to turn to art in order to express their views and thoughts without any pressure or fear for retribution. Besides, art is a universal language that helps to establish strong interconnections between people of different ethnic and cultural groups, uniting them with each other and creating global chain of harmony.

Art is everything that surrounds us in our daily life. It enters our homes from TV screens or other mass media, and it can be appreciated in cinema theaters, galleries or exhibitions. “Art is something that is both functional and (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing to our eyes,” Shelly Essak underlines (Essak, n.d.). Therefore, to my mind, the main contribution of art to our life is bringing more positive emotions and inspiration, encouraging people to be more optimistic, understanding, kind and hopeful.


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