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What is the role of non-governmental organizations in assuring the health of the public

14 Apr 2017Health Essays

The current condition of the World is not very good. Though the World has advanced technologically but with every aspect and development there is a negative impact also. This negative impact has taken the World in to some serious problems. Including these problems are the conditions of the third world countries and the countries that are going through the state of war. These countries have no where to turn for help and need to be provided help in these worse conditions where so many lives are at stake. To help the people of these countries some organizations have been formed by the civilians present in different parts of the world belonging to developed or developing countries (Ahmed and Potter, 2006).

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These organizations basically known as Non Government Organizations or NGOs have been working very hard to improve the health conditions of people that are living in the areas where living standards are lower than standards in which an average human can survive. One of the most famous NGO operating around the globe that has contributed the most in improving health conditions of the people in problems is The Red Cross. The Red Cross has contributed very much during the war against terrorism in helping innocent people of Afghanistan and Iraq. Apart from these efforts The Red Cross is also helping out Palestinians that have been the target of a severe long war going on between Israel and Palestine. All these efforts and hard work has helped save lives of many innocent humans that have no association with the wars that have been going around the World (Bebbington, Hickey and Mitlin, 2008).


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