What you perceive as the expectations

Published 26 Apr 2017

The expectations of my employer are excellence, steady work toward the accomplishment of department goals, cooperation with team members, compliance with organizational/industry standards, inquisitive nature to ensure that problems are troubleshot and solutions are proposed, a “can-do” attitude and positivity when approaching challenges or obstacles, and the willingness to step up to the plate when solving organizational problems. I also believe that my employer expects me to be innovative and future-thinking about the long-term goals of the corporation as a whole, and keep these macro goals in mind as I perform the job responsibilities and duties in which I was hired to perform.

The expectation is to also lead my team in a productive manner, listening to concerns and responding appropriately to questions, concerns and probes for guidance. I would also be expected to evaluate the progress of both myself and my employees to continually ensure that my performance and my employees’ performances match the goals of the organization

If you were the supervisor how would you evaluate yourself? I would evaluate myself objectively, observing how well my employees were performing, how easily I could access resources in upper management to assist me with my performance objectives, and observe any feedback provided by supervisors. I would also evaluate myself by my own professional growth within the company and my compliance with the company’s expectations.

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