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Why I choose computer programming as my major

18 May 2017Personal Essays

I will always remember the first personal computer my father brought home. It was a Pentium II with about 266 Megahertz of memory with not even a tenth of the hard disk space available today, barely enough for anything.

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Windows 98 was the standard operating system used at the time with XP still a few years away. And I found myself spending hours learning the Ins and outs of the operating system and its backbone MS DOS.

The original PC never really lasted long before the new Pentium series came along and we had to upgrade. But mucking around with the core operating system and learning the ins and outs of programming languages like C++ and messing about within the windows environment are some of the most nostalgic memories I have of my childhood.

I was never exactly sure why I liked programming so much. Maybe it’s because I’ve been around computer technology my entire life. Maybe it’s because I always found comfort within the world of mathematical equations. Maybe

I just always loved the idea that I could create anything as long as I understood how the language worked. I don’t exactly know why I’m into programming as much as I am. Nevertheless, I have chosen computer programming as my major because I know that I clearly have a penchant for this course. I am eager to learn the ins and outs of programming language and to create something that is an extension of who I am. Additionally, the fact that I can do something I know I’ll be good at as well as earn a successful and fulfilling career from it is a great bonus.

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