Why I Hate Ironing

Published 26 May 2017

Generally, I enjoy doing housework and making my home cleaner, fresher and better looking. But there’s one thing which I really hate doing and always try to escape from. It is ironing. First of all, I have some terrible childhood memories about it. Also, I used to be forced to do ironing a lot when I was a teenager. And, finally, I really do not like ironing as an exceptionally boring and very monotonous work.

When I was 3 or 4-year-old child, I accidentally touched a very hot iron, which my mom had left on the ironing board after finishing her ironing. That was really very painful and my palm was simply burning, so my mom had to place potatoes and some anesthetics on my burning skin. Certainly, it’s been very long time since that accident, but still whenever I see an iron, I remember that terrible pain and fear. This is my first reason to hate ironing.

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My family is rather large. I have two younger sisters and I had to take care about them since my teen ages, because my mom used to have a second job in order to make ends meet. Also, she used to rely on me in some housework, including ironing. Therefore, at the weekends, instead of spending time with my friends and having fun, I had to take our clothes from the laundry and iron everything myself. This is another important reason to hate it.

Actually, even if to forget my sad childhood experiences, ironing would be still nothing else but a torture for me. This work is too very monotonous, too tiresome, and I really can’t stand on it! It takes so much of efforts to iron a dress or a skirt (especially if those are made of a natural fabric), but the next day it is wrinkled again! Finally, I am usually short of time, even for cooking something or writing e-mails to my family and friends.

That is why I always try to do everything possible to avoid ironing or do it only in cases, when it is really necessary. A prefect solution for me is buying the clothes, which do not need ironing at all. Definitely, me and ironing are not friends, but it is something universal, I suppose. People are getting used to miraculous modern technologies, so we are waiting for some revolutionary device, which would make us forget about hand ironing.

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