Why people should buy a Mac rather than a Windows PC

Published 01 Jun 2017

Buying a windows pc instead of a Mac is like paying a burglar to guard your house. It is something that simply does not make sense. From the point of view of a consumer, sure, it makes sense to buy a windows pc because there are so many programs that are compatible with it available in the market and sure it also seems like the easier thing to do because the windows interface is something that a majority of people in this world are accustomed to dealing with. That type of analogy is as flawed as thinking that it is alright to hire a potential burglar to guard one’s house instead of taking the extra effort to find a person who is more reliable and trustworthy.

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Truth be told, the windows personal computers that are available in the market right now are perfect for games but little else. The entertainment value that such computers provide cannot compensate for the possible security attacks that your computer will be exposed to when using a Mac. Viruses have become commonplace online and every computer that is connected to the internet is exposed to such threats every day. It is not only the performance of these computers that is threatened but also whatever sensitive information they contain. Windows run personal computers are more vulnerable to these security risks than any Mac based computer.

While it is true that a person can always install internet security software on windows based personal computers, yet that does not really mean that a person is supposed to take that risk. Would you rather that your computer was already safe from all these computer attacks to begin with or would you rather have to find out that you need to install additional security? It really does not take a lot of common sense to decide on whether or not a Mac is better than windows based personal computers. The choice is simply security versus convenience.

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