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Why Teaching is the Best Job

02 Jun 2017Other Essays

Every individual living in this world has a goal of achieving their own dreams in their lives and living with happiness and contentment. For people who have deep aspirations, being able to do what makes them happy and what can make them successful in their career is one of the things that can complete them.

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Like those aspirants, I am also a person full of dreams and goals that I want to fulfill successfully in my life. Success is part of being satisfied and for me, being able to accomplish my goals, apply it in my job and help others at the same time are the things that can give success and ultimate satisfaction. That is why I chose the profession that will help me accomplish it and I found teaching as the appropriate one.

As a person, I believe that teaching is the most wonderful profession among all the professions available nowadays. It is because of its unique way of teaching and sharing knowledge as well as its way to meet and interact with new people. Just like what I have read from a book years ago, professionals like CEOs, managers, presidents, engineers, accountants and entrepreneurs will not be able to stand in their positions and will not be able to do their job without the teacher. The reason is because it is the teacher that teaches the basic knowledge needed by these professionals even before they face the corporate world. It is the teacher that teaches the basics of reading, writing and computing. At the same time, it is the teacher that guides the students’ behavior in school and makes them realize the significance of learning and sharing knowledge.

People may think that teaching is a very difficult job. However, they do not realize that teaching, though may sometimes be difficult is also fun and exciting. Through teaching, people learn how to pursue their dreams, live life with passion, meet and deal with so many people and understand things that are new to them and to their students.

It is through teaching that a person is able to laugh with various students, make jokes, and explore things while teaching at the same time. Teaching is a way of sharing the knowledge and at the same time, learning from the things and experiences. By teaching the lecture s required for the day, the teacher is able to impart knowledge to students and invite them to think critically and logically that will aid in enhancing their mind and personality. On the other hand, it is through interactive classroom discussion that a teacher is able to learn from the students’ various ideas and think critically in weighing their ideas.

For a teacher, everyday is like a surprise because no one knows what will happen inside the classroom aside from the usual lectures, modules and papers. No one knows if there will be an absent or sick student, a bored class or even an active discussion. That is why it is very critical that a teacher always plans ahead to ensure that the hours that will be spent in the classroom will be valued because of the things learned and shared.

Another reason why teaching is fun is that being a teacher is more of being a role model and a legendary individual to students. Everything that teachers share contributes to the students’ wisdom. Therefore, a teacher must always be a good example to serve as a good influence to students. This can be done through portrayal of respect, honesty, integrity and good behavior to students and to other people.

Like any other things, teaching is like an adventure full of challenges and complications. As a teacher, you have to know your students’ needs and be able to address them. A teacher should be sensitive enough to know if the student needs assistance, if the student has a problem or even if the student is learning or not. This is very necessary because it is through considering these factors that a teacher is able to teach effectively.

For me, teaching can only be considered effective when the students are able to understand and learn the lessons. Most importantly, teaching can be considered as very effective if the students will also be able to apply what they have learned in the classroom and even go beyond what they have learned to seek new things that can enhance and sustain their knowledge. This behavior can be considered as a state of academic responsibility and as a teacher, it is a great achievement to be able to impart that behavior to the students because it will surely help the students in the long run.

That is why, to be able to teach effectively, a teacher should come up with a good teaching strategy that will foster good atmosphere that will motivate and encourage students to study and participate in class. They should show the passion and dedication to their work and be able to be strong enough to face the various problems associated with teaching.

On the other side, teaching also includes various pressures and challenges that test the teacher’s behavior towards work and may sometimes hinder the quality of teaching. There are times when the teacher has to face several issues like student failing grades problem, issues about the quality of teaching, disrespectful students and others. These things really bring stress and if not handled properly may affect the teacher’s performance.

There are also times when the teacher has to teach students who needs special attention or who have disabilities. Pressure on how to give the appropriate treatment to convey effective learning needs to be addressed. For me, being able to teach no matter what the circumstances are is one of the most challenging and successful thing to do.

Still, those problems pressure are ways to continuously enhance the teacher’s knowledge, behavior and strategy. I believe that by facing and addressing those problems, the teacher is able to gain experiences that are precious and worth keeping. I also believe that experiences help a lot in overcoming other pressures and this is proven by the old teachers in schools who, compared to novice ones, have more effective teaching skills and are more able to cope with the changes and challenges associated with teaching.

Even though teaching may sometimes be difficult, still, teaching is one of the best professions that anybody can have. It is through teaching that people who have aspirations in sharing their knowledge can be able to achieve happiness and contentment. For me, there is nothing happier than seeing the students learn, knowing that they understand and appreciate everything that is taught to them and most of all, discovering that they succeeded after several years. Knowing those things bring honor to the teachers because it is a proof that they are able to do their job of honing the students’ skills and guiding them towards their own future.

In the end and as the most important thing, I believe that teaching is an essential tool to help the society develop and nourish. With the world’s present situation, people really need teachers who are capable of upholding the children’s future. Knowing this fact gives me the will to have teaching as my profession because I believe that through good education, people can make changes in the society that will lead to long term benefits for the people and for the next generation.

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