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Published 27 Sep 2017

The paper addresses the issue of branding policy within the Air Force (AF) Operating Instruction. The purpose of the paper is to create an interim change to address the issue and to create a relevant policy for the protection of the AF logo.

The importance of the issue is justified by the fact, that logo and brand are the integral components of the AF intellectual property. Not only intellectual property should be protected; a branding policy should be designed so that the use, protection and changes of the logo and brand are aligned with the provisions within the intellectual property legal framework. Ultimately, as long as the AF logo is associated with the AF positive image, branding policy is crucial to support this image and make it work for the benefit of the whole AF.

The fact that AF Operating Instruction does not contain any relevant information about branding policies is a serious problem. The current situation, when the logo and the brand are directly associated with the quality and the level of services, requires immediate response to the discussed issue. As a result, interim change is the best means to highlight the changes which should be made to AF Operating Instruction, regarding its branding policy.

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Interim Change One to AF Operating Instruction

  1. The purpose of the interim change is to promote an AF approved change to the branding policy to be executed by AF. This change, which was agreed with the AF management, expands the AF Operating Instruction to the limits of proper brand use and brand/ logo protection.
  2. The AF Operating Instruction is to be supplemented with the provisions, relating to the proper description, specification, and use of the AF logo. This description and specification is to be reflected in the AF brand style book to be specifically designed for AF.
    1. The AF brand style book is to become an official AF document, and is to include the following aspects:
      1. The detailed description of the AF logo graphic components (size, colors, etc);
      2. The detailed description of how the AF logo should be properly imaged (displayed);
      3. The examples of the AF logo placement;
      4. The examples of the AF logo misuse.
    2. The AF logo style book is to be supplied to the basic AF departments, responsible for the promotion campaigns and daily use of the AF logo.
  3. The AF Operating Instruction is to be supplemented with the provisions, regarding employees’ responsibility for the proper use of the AF brand and logo.
    1. The exact criteria of AF logo proper use (and misuse) are to be included into the AF Operating Instruction.
    2. The AF Operating Instruction is to be supplemented the limits of the employees’ responsibility for protection and proper use (misuse) of the AF logo and brand. The level of the employees’ responsibility should be determined by basic employees’ obligations, their rights to use the AF logo/ brand for business purposes, the causes and the consequences of the specific case of the AF logo/ brand use (misuse).
    3. The AF Operating Instruction is to determine the exact permissible limits of the logo and brand use by employees and AF representatives. The use of AF logo and brand by employees is to be limited by business purposes only.
    4. The employees are to be aware of the AF provisions regarding the use of the AF logo and brand. The interim change is to be supplied to all AF departments.
    5. The employees are to sign the agreement and rules of using AF confidential information and AF intellectual property.
  4. The restrictions for the use of the AF logo by outside users are to be determined in the AF Operating Instruction. The possibility to download the AF logos from its websites and other Internet resources should be eliminated. The use of the brand/ logo downloaded from the AF website should be determined as being against the basic Operating Instruction requirements.
  5. The Operating Instruction is to be supplemented with the requirements towards public display of the AF branding policy at the AF website.
  6. The suggested changes are to be included into AF Operating Instruction by the end of 2007.
  7. This interim change message is to be retained in compliance with the basic AF Operating Instruction provisions, until the changes into the AF Operating Instruction are incorporated through revision or change transmittal.

The interim change has been aimed at including the changes regarding the AF branding policy into the AF Operating Instruction. As long as the problem has to be addressed immediately, the interim change message relates to the time period, within which the suggested changes should take place. In any case, the interim change remains valid until such changes are incorporated.

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