A Miracle, a Gift, a Joy

Published 22 Mar 2017

I am more than in the spring of life. It was ten years ago that made me understand the fullness of life. Ten years ago was a moment that painted and created a different meaning of my being a woman. Ten years ago made me understand completely my purpose in life. So, I prepared for that moment like I have never prepared for anything else that happened to me. I wanted that moment like I never wanted anything else in this world. I was worried, I was afraid, I was happy, I was excited. My husband and I looked forward to that moment with so many dreams; hopes; plans and wishes. My entire family prayed for every good tiding that such moment will give us all. Ten years ago was the time when I gave birth to my son.

And there he was – all healthy and strong and pink. It was difficult to give birth to him but all the pain and the hardship was completely gone and forgotten the very second I held him in my arms. He gave a loud cry and I got worried about that. The doctor joked that my son was telling the whole wide world how happy he is that he is with us – that is why he was crying so much. But he is very much alright and in perfect condition.

For a while, he has to be taken to the nursery section for the necessary medical procedures. I was told that it will be for some hours. But because I was very tired, I let go of that consequence. I was told he will be with me very soon. And so, I just went to sleep and rest.

As I woke up, there was my husband and my family with all their smiles. They were all concerned that I am feeling alright. They were all very happy and congratulating me for a “job well done”. But I was thinking – my job is not yet done, I think it was just beginning. They all have so many stories and wishful thinking. Who my son looks like; what he can become; what school he will go to; what studies he will take; what job he will have; what wife he will have. My husband and my family were having fun talking about the big and happy tomorrow that my son will have.

But I was only thinking of that moment. I want to hold him already. So, I immediately asked how my son is doing. I asked them if they already know when he could be with me. And I was told that it will be soon as the nursery section of the hospital was just waiting for me to wake up. It is because we all know that I will breastfeed him.

Finally, he was brought in. And the breastfeeding process commenced with the guidance of the nurse. My son and I were having difficulty for the first few seconds because I was nervous, I was excited, I was happy that I could not properly place my breast to his mouth. And then we eventually connected. I was praying a prayer of thanks to God as a tear fell on my cheek. Then I whispered to my son: “I love you and thank you for being with me”.

That was the beginning of everything for me. Nursing him and taking care of him and feeding him are just one of the very small things that I do for him. That moment was the beginning of the many things that my son and I enjoyed together. I know that my son and me will be going to a very long journey in life together.

What changed my life when I gave birth to my son is the way I think about myself, my family, my husband and our lives. I realized that I am going to be much stronger and confident and wiser. My husband and I felt we love each other more and more as days go by. Our family became closer because a new generation will spark better hope for our lives. We all feel the same kind of happiness in our lives.

That little person brought so many meanings in our lives from that moment. He became the symbol of everything that is beautiful in life and in this world. My son and that moment is indeed a miracle, a gift, a joy.

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