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We Know All The Tricks On How to Type Essays!

Are you wondering how to type a good essay? You aren’t alone – every single student is expected to deliver hundreds of essays in a semester, yet very few are actually taught to do it. Teachers and university professors tend to think that simply being admitted to school makes young people feel on a molecular level how to type a essay and do great in it.

But it’s not: writing is a skill that has to be taught and developed in order to achieve a certain level of proficiency. Whatever pain you have in your mind: whether it’s a “type my essay for scholarship application” or “help me put my research into writing” – we know all the nuances of how to type a college essay and want to share them with you!

The main problems every scholar faces when thinking how to type a essay, be it a long or a short one, are the following:

  • Where do I begin to type my essay?

  • How do I define main points to say?

  • What are main goals of writing this or that paragraph?

  • How to come up with a structure?

  • How to draft a good conclusion and introduction?

Having been in essay writing business for over 5 years now, we know that the answers to all these and many more questions lies within knowing and adhering to the right essay writing process. So let’s talk about how to type a good essay!

How To Type a Good Essay? – Learn to Organize Your Essay Writing Process Right

Throughout your school years, you will have to write many kinds of written projects: narratives, argumentative essays, research papers, case studies and much more. All of them are different in nature and it’s difficult to come up with one recipe on how to type essay in each of these spheres.

But without going too much into detail, there is a universal essay writing process that works great for most cases:

  • Choose the topic;

  • Do the research or generate ideas;

  • Organize ideas/facts logically;

  • Write a first rough draft (can also be done in pen and paper);

  • Revise the rough draft yourself or let somebody take a look at it;

  • Finalize your text;

  • Draft introduction and conclusion;

  • Work on sentences to add sound bites or more impact words;

  • Proofread and edit;

One of the main components of typing an outstanding essay is to choose a good topic. The topic of your essay is the first thing your teacher sees and it defines the impression you create.

There are a couple of secrets to a good essay topic:

  • Make it controversial;

  • It has to be new;

  • Try to look at the old subject with new eyes;

  • Be funny and provocative;

Given the above-mentioned tricks, here are examples of 10 gripping essay topics that guarantee you a winning impression:

  1. “It is true because I believe in it”

  2. “Another essay trying to explain the way human understanding works – or does it work at all?”

  3. “Why is everybody so crazy about leadership nowadays?”

  4. “Who am I and how do I find out my inner strengths and weaknesses?”

  5. “Top things you will tell people when asked to talk about yourself”

  6. “The concept of American dream – has it changed much?”

  7. “Is gun control really as big of an issue as the media portrays it?”

  8. “Why death penalty is the only punishment worth giving”

  9. “How bullying can help grow the new Abraham Lincoln of the USA”

  10. “What we really have to learn from reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” book at school”.

All these topics have two things in common – they are all related to very common and widely used subjects, yet they address them in a different kind of manner. Anytime you type an essay trying to look at your topic from a different perspective, it means that you’ve already discovered the topic in-depth and are ready to produce a completely new kind of argument.

How to type a good essay structure?

So now that you know how to approach most of your writing assignments, a question how to type a scholarship essay or any other school papers is a little bit easier to understand.

The next secret to scoring good grades on your essay is to know what parts it should consist of. Once you’ve generated all your ideas and collected facts, here’s how you should format and structure them:

- Essay title has to be fresh and provoke interest;

- Introduction has to lay ground for your work and answer three main questions of “What?”, “Where?” and “Why?”;

- Main body paragraphs is where all your facts are explained in three parts:

1. Background on the issue and reference to previous works

2. Your assumptions

3. Your own findings and ideas backed by arguments

- Conclusion which ties your own statements and referenced works;

After drafting the essay text according to this structure, the next question you will ask yourself is “how to type an essay in MLA format” or any other format your school works with. Because it doesn’t matter how skilled you are with choosing that perfect word, it’s no good if you didn’t format your sources properly. “So show me an essay format style, ” you say?

Here it is:

APA and MLA citation style format similarities:

  • References cited within text followed by a reference page at the end of text;

  • Author cite the last name then the first name;

  • Hanging indent allowed;

  • Works are cited alphabetically;

MLA and APA style differences:

  • MLA cites the page of the book, while APA refers to its year;

  • MLA indents long quotes (over 4 lines), while APA uses tab spaces for quotes longer than 40 words;

Still confused as to how to type a college essay? – Here’s how you can find the best college essay writing service to outsource this boring task too!

Even with all these great writing tricks laid in front of you, writing an essay is difficult. Probably as difficult as writing a poem or a song if you aren’t really a creative music-keen person. That’s why for the results sake it makes sense to let literature professionals handle your university assignments.

Many students get lost searching through websites to type essays and become desperate screaming "Where can I type my essay that will guarantee me a high grade?"

And the response to that issue is simple – EssayLab.com is the place to craft whatever written project there needs to be done: biographical essays, nursing papers, book or movie reviews, short story analysis and etc. We have professionals that have gone to school for essay writing – if typing essays was an exam, we’d pass with flying colors!

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