Admission Essay

Published 18 Jan 2018

There are certain things in life that I hope to get a hang of. Sometimes, I wonder how I would be able to make a difference in this world, through the challenges that I encounter. As a child, I have been interested in mathematics, and being of service to people. I have always had a soft spot for those who were in need, and I wanted to find ways to share my craft with others. For this, I decided to acquire a degree in Economy from the STATE NAME OF UNIVERSITY.

My academic standing and experiences have surpassed those of others. At the young age of 15, I went to Canada to study. I was enrolled at the Saint George School for two months, where my eyes were opened to the realities of life. This was the time when I learned more about the language of studying. In addition to this, the experience taught me how to become independent and care for myself, because I was alone, living a life away from my family.

After Canada, I was also given the opportunity to go to different countries. I went to China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong for leisure. I could say that my trip to the said countries has opened my doors more to different cultures. I have learned how to adjust to different cultures, and at the same time adapt the kind of lifestyle that people from each culture practiced. Furthermore, I became more open minded about the things around me, and the different possibilities that life had to offer.

Aside from my cultural diversity, I was also accepted in the Korean Army, where I served for two years, from 2002-2004. I was recognized for my driving skills, and was hailed as the best soldier driver. The rigorous training that I went through allowed me to learn more about myself, and became more disciplined in the field that I have indulged in. Furthermore, I learned how to give importance to my life and the country that I live in. I realized that every day spent was important, and that I should learn to give in to the ways of others.

As of the moment, I am currently studying at the DVC, where I have been playing basketball for the ERAS Korean team for almost two years already. Being on the team was also important from my end, primarily because I was able to show people how much hard work and effort I could put into balancing my academics and sports. Furthermore, I could also serve as an inspiration to others, more specifically in giving importance to my education.

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As for my volunteer work, I did note taking for students of Fall 2008 semester. I did this for three hours a week. Although the work seemed easy, I enjoyed doing it for I was able to help uncomfortable students with their academics. Furthermore, I was also fulfilling my dream of being of service to others. In addition to this, I also worked for a trade company in Korea for 6 months. I consider this job to also be an internship at some point, for I was able to learn numerous things about the field of business.

I believe that my experiences and knowledge in the said field will be further honed by your company. In addition to this, I would be able to widen my field further, and become of service to those who are in need. In addition to this, I would also be able to conduct researches and studies that would be beneficial in my chosen field.

Furthermore, my quest for further education would not stop after graduation. I would use my acquired knowledge to find other ways to help in the upheaval of the economy. Furthermore, I would also find ways to decrease the number o unemployed people in our country. If given the opportunity, I would be able to show the world that nothing is impossible, as long as we put our heart and soul in everything that we do.

Life is filled with difficulties and challenges. But when we become determined and persistent, then I believe that we can do anything. We could all work hard to make this world a better place to live in.

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