Published 18 Sep 2017

Music had been a great part of an individual’s life. Although a person is young or old rich or poor music may possibly still absorbed and applied in every person’s life. The continuous playing and the circulation of music through different sources such as the radio, television and internet had made it possible for different kinds of people to listen to the music that they prefer. Music had also been developing through time and genres had been changing as the new generations of artists that came in to the music seen. In addition, artists and bands had been a great part in making music that people listening to them become enthusiastic of their life. The listeners not only attach themselves to the music of the artists but also to the artists’ personal lives.

One of the most popular bands which had made a mark in the American society and in the international music scene is the “Aerosmith.” Aerosmith had been one of the bands that had risen in the United States. The Aerosmith band is composed of 5 members such as Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford (Aerosmith, n.d.) The band was formed in 1964 when Steven Tyler finally decided that he wanted to form a serious band which he named “The Strangeurs.” Tyler became the drummer of that band. The “Strangeurs, in the long run changed the band’s name to Chain Reaction and after a while, they entered the recording studio. The band recorded two songs which are “The Sun”

When I Needed You” (Date) and “You Should Have Been There Yesterday/Ever Lovin’ Man” (Verve)” (History, n.d.). While Steven Tyler was in the band Chain Reaction, Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton were in the band called Pipe Dream which later on became the “Jam Band.” The Chain Reaction and the Jam Band had a gig together. Steven Tyler said in an interview that, “They did this song so well that I knew if I could get together with these guys, we could pull the same feeling off with some songs I wrote, so I got together with them.. I loved Joe’s style. He always played out of tune and real sloppy and I just loved it.” (Steven Tyler interview in Circus Magazine 1975 cited in n.d.)

The Chain Reaction band and the Jam Band, and united and they formed a new band which they called Aerosmith. The band came together and decided that they would be known if they were close to their fans. All the band members shared an apartment in Boston in which they experienced self sacrifice and hard times. They lived in though eating brown rice with Campbell soup. The apartment was so small that other group members needed to sleep in the kitchen. Aerosmith continuous to struggle as a band until a person named John O’Toole who has let the band practice for free in the Fenway Theater. O’Toole liked the band and decided to present Aerosmith to a man named Frank Connoly. Connoly was the first person in the music industry that had played a significant role for the band’s fame. Through the help of different people, in the summer of 1972 the band was able to get a record deal of $125,000 with Columbia Records and from them on the rest is history. (History, n.d)

One of the first songs that they have launched was the song “Dream on” which had been a great hit in the United States and in many parts of the world. The song is personally one of my favorites due to the spear-headed words that the Steven Tyler had used and the amazing guitar cords used in it. The song “Dream On”, based on Martin Power (1997), “…is a lyrically mature power ballad, arguably a important in rock’s development as Zepplin’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’ or Lynyrd Kkynyrd’s ‘Freebird'” (Power, 1997, p. 4). The song inspires the listener to just believe in him or her self no matter what happens. May the experience be good or bad, dreaming must be continued for dreaming makes our life worth while as a person. There is a need for individuals to be reaching a certain goal to have an aim in order to pursue life. The song has inspired many people that are very discouraged in life. The lyrics not only highlight the hardships of people that live in this society but also the things that a person needs to do in order to get over the discouragements in life.

“Sing with me, sing for the years
Sing for the laughter and sing for the tears
Sing with me, if its just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good lord will take you away”
-Tyler 1973

Through the years of their work as a band, Aerosmith have already gone through different phases and stages in their career. The band had gone through rugs to riches drugged to sober and the likes but until now, their music still has not been diminished in the minds of the people. Aerosmith is still seen as “gods” of American Rock music for their continuous development in their music. They had already been nominated in different award giving bodies due to their consistency in making good music which most people could relate to. They are not only nominated in the United States but in different parts of the world which made them as one of the corner stones of rock music all over the world. They are being imitated by different artists but still they are reining in the position of one of the best rock music legends up to date.

Although Aerosmith had gone through many challenges in their personal life and their careers, they have still stood strong and made inspiring music for many people. The amazing tunes of the vocals, guitars, bass, and drums had been very helpful in their continuous musical growth and fame. Aerosmith had inspired many individuals, most especially new bands that are coming to the music scene. Through the duration of their career, Aerosmith had become one of the greatest rock music figures in the world and are still continuously rocking the airwaves.


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