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Sports and Teenage

22 Sep 2016Health Essays

Does participation in sports keep teens out of trouble?

The teenagers present a great challenge to parents who have the duty to bring up righteous individuals who adhere to the rule of law. Sports have been identified as one of the ways in which the youth can spend their free time in a constructive manner to avoid getting into troubles.


The youth in the current times do find themselves in trouble even when they least expect it. The media, the internet, and availability of drugs and prohibited substances are the major causes of social problems facing the youth today. Young lads are often found engaging in troublesome activities like petty crime and drug abuse if left unattended to. The youth, therefore, requires being well occupied during their free time with constructive activities so as to avoid the problem of being lured in deviant behavior.

This paper shall emphasize the importance of sports as one way in which the teenagers might be kept out of trouble.

Sports and Teenagers:

Parents are presented with a great challenge of bringing up the youths in a righteous manner especially during their teens.  The parents have to be on the forefront and take the necessary measures in preventing the youths from falling prey to the dangers that they are prone to within the society (Wright, 2010). Sporting is one way in which the youths should spend their free time. It is obvious that the teenagers who are engaged in sporting activities shall have little or no time to engage in troublesome activities which include drinking alcohol, taking drugs, engaging in violence, sex, and delinquent activities. This can be substantiated by the survey that was carried out by an opinion research organization-Public Agenda- which revealed that sporting and other constructive activities were very crucial in the positive development of the teenagers (Feldsher, 2004).


It is imperative to note that sports provide the teenagers with the best alternative to spending their free time. Sporting activities leave the youth with no time in which they might be able to think of engaging in trouble. Their free time is spent in the sporting activities and also the sports help in maintaining their physical health and building a good social life.


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