What Drives You?

Published 28 Mar 2017

“I know what it takes to be a Tiger. Convention 90% and invention 10%.”

I am very much taken by this advertisement on television in which Tiger Woods features for Accenture. Look at the nature’s gift – the rich and beautiful earth for a peaceful living. Look at the celestial bodies in the vast and mysterious universe. Don’t you feel that we have great many things to achieve in our life. I am enthusiastic and eager to discover the undiscovered. Events of the past always remain as guidelines in the present to establish a great future. We live in an increasingly complex and scientific world.

Arnold Palmer’s sayings, “Golf is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.” reminds me of Tiger Woods who is known for his strength, mastery, discipline and his relentless focus on winning. These are universally recognized qualities that drive me to dream myself as a high and potential performer following the watchwords “Go on. Be a Tiger”.
More than earning money, fame, name, social recognition, and power, I would like to show concern for my fellow human beings as there is more suffering in the society. I believe this will give me an endless joy leading to creative and intelligent problem management. To become a dentist is my happy, healthy and a realistic dream. I have faith in God which is the most important thing because it provides me with a purpose and goal.

As a high school student, I possess a good academic ability and I always show willingness to work hard. My mother always says I’ll make a good career in dentistry for my inherent qualities. After being thoughtful and listening to the matured advice of my teachers and parents, I decided to pursue my career in dentistry after my schools. Dental care is a growing field. In the modern days, the need for preventive dentistry is increasing. Geriatric dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are growing rapidly and I’ll have scope to discover new things in dentistry (Kendall, 2000). In six or seven years down the line, I’ll be one among the valued resource in the community. I’ll be joining the ranks of respected professionals whose work allows others to enjoy good health.
The credit goes to my mother for developing passion for learning in me. Next year when I join the dental college, I’ll be so proud of my mother who will be on my side always.

I am greatly blessed to have such a wonderful atmosphere that helps me to compete. Nothing would have been possible without the inspiration of my teachers.

Playing golf helps me to improve my concentration. It gives vitality. I’m able to keep me afresh both mind and body supporting in all other activities throughout the day. Above all, my goals are focused. I set my SMART goals that help me achieve success in life (S- Specific, M – Measurable, A – Attainable, R-relevant, T- Time bound). This motivates me and increases my self-confidence. Self confidence distinguishes me as a successful person. It keeps me going in my track towards achieving my dreams. I want to win glories as a golfer too without hampering my studies and my career.


Kendall, B.L. (2000). Opportunities in dental care careers. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional.

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