What is your American Dream?

Published 18 Apr 2017

No dream is more precious and unique than the dream of the dreamer itself. Every dreamer has a unique and artistic idea for the future. This is one of the driving forces that made every human being eat, work, and strive. However, achieving success is not like stepping on a bus and from one moment you’re on another place. It is strived hard and one should have the patience and perseverance to achieve his dreams.

Many have said that poverty is not a hindrance to success (it is only a hurdle). We’ll agree with that. Although everybody has a chance to be successful, we can’t deny that not everyone is given the same chances and opportunities like others have. Still, if one will strive harder and not loss faith then definitely his dreams will be achieved.

The same with other dreamer, I also have a unique and precious American Dreams. Some of these are means and ways to achieve itself but the extent is to have family and husband/financial security able to continue providing help for my grandmother and elderly uncle.

One of my dreams is to finish college. This is common for undergrads. Then continue y education, ultimately be accepted into a prestigious Law School (CORNELL School of Law), then become an attorney, continue schooling to have a doctorate degree and become a pallet judge.

For some this is impossible to achieve but with His grace and my faith, this will be achieved. I know it’s not easy to put my dreams into reality. It needs effort. As I’ve stated, everybody is given an opportunity and unique opportunity to achieve it. It needs courage and determination knowing what I’ve gone through. I’ve lost my father during the hurricane Katrina and my mother died when I was 17. Now I have a baby whom I’m raising alone.

Everybody knows how hard a single parent is and how difficult the role of a student parent.

Well anyway, it’s a step by step process. I should not magnify the problems and hurdles. It should be seen and treated on its weakest point. In other words I will gradually solve the problems and achieve my goals. It’s like walking a mile; it started with a single pace. Try to imagine walking a mile, its hard and tiring right? But try to walk pace by pace without minding the long path then you won’t notice and can’t believe that at another moment you finish the mile walk.

I like the saying of Thomas Edison about opportunity, he said “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overall and looks like work”. Well, everything is a hard work. There’s only basic plan for these dreams, have courage and focused on the dreams. I’ll take another pace to go a mile. I’ll continue what I’ve started and this will serve as a plan for the future: gradually dealing with problems and continue soaring.

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