What makes you the right candidate?

Published 18 Jan 2018

This essay has been written on the topic “what makes you the right candidate?”for the purpose of applying to Golden Gate University.

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and was raised up in Jakarta and Singapore. I have also lived in Seoul Korea for two years. Due to this, I have the skills of knowing a number of languages such as English, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean and Mandarin. Being born and raised at different places has not only made me learn multi-languages but I am multi-cultural as well and I have a lot of idea about the cultures that are being followed at the places I have resided. It is very important for any person to be diversified. This is because in the world today, all the cultures all around the world are somewhat similar to each other in some or the other way and although there are major differences as well but to cope up well with the people, it is necessary to study and learn their cultures and act as they do. Here, I would like to quote an idiom i.e. “when in Rome, do as the Romans do!” this means that one should adapt to the culture of the country one is in and for me, I would say that I am quite good at it and I make sure people do not have any such complains against me.

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Another reason why being diversified counts is that in a university, the students come from different background and follow different cultures and it is a must for a prospective student to know how to cope up with people belonging to different communities.

I did my high school from Hawaii and finished my junior and senior year there only.

I am not interested in various sports but I am also very active in the sports such as basket ball, badminton, tennis, soccer, track and field. I have been active in all these sports throughout my life and I have also participated in different matches and have medals and certificates as well. Moreover, I also love to travel and experience new things in life. Travelling has always been my first priority when I am on holidays. This makes me learn new things and staying with people following different cultures has given me a chance to develop tolerance within me as in the world today, this is an essential quality that a person must have in order to cope up well with others.

I am also a social person and I love to help out people by offering community service. In this area, I have served the people as habitat humanity in which I flew all the way to Philippines to build houses and I also did various kinds of work through my church. These included serving food to the poor, helping them out by donating clothes & book drive. Moreover, I also helped out at orphanages. Doing social work not just benefits the people and the society on the whole but it also gives me personal satisfaction and happiness that I am good enough to help out the other people.

I also posses writing skills and I love to write research papers and essays that I usually get them published in the local newspapers. My writings are usually on diverse topics that range to very bold topics as well. This has taught me time management and I am mostly successful in completing my assignments and fulfilling my engagements and commitments within the time. Moreover, I also possess leadership skills. I have developed these skills because of the factor that I have been to various places that taught me tolerance and experience to know people well and the way how to handle them in certain situation.

Having all these qualities, I would recommend myself to be a suitable candidate to get the admission as my admission here would not only polish my skills further but I will also get a chance to further develop myself.

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