What Motivates Me To Stay Employed As A Police Officer In Northern Ireland?

Published 20 Apr 2017

In the words of a great man, motivation is a personal drive with you the driver. This was why a speaker once said “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”” The choice of life we want to live and be remembered for is our choice, nobody can make it choice for us.

Northern Island is part of the British Empire and was defined by the Government of Ireland Act, 1920. The population was estimated as being 1,710,300 on 30 June 2004.its crime rate is relatively low compared to other parts of the Empire. Although it has witnessed many blood birth in recent times.

The Police Service of Northern Island was established through the setting up of an Independent Commission who reached an agreement in Belfast on the 10th of April 1998. Their report known the pattern report was published in 1999, with 179 recommendations about setting up a standard policing in Northern Island. By, November 2000, the police service of northern island was formed and it went straight into action immediately.

Like most successful companies have developed several attractive packages to attract workers, service in the Police is to your community and humanity.
The Northern Island Police is unique although with a very new, it was like an opportunity has been waiting for, working is a thing of pride.

The following motivates me to work in this noble service.

Good Working Environment:

Productivity starts from a settled mind. The working environment at the northern island has give me room to grow rapidly than most of my contemporary in other parts of United Kingdom. Also, the good environment of Northern Island has provided us with affordable housing and a reduced crime rate.

Honour and Prestige

In Northern Island, being a Police Officer goes along with honour and pride. Nothing is more motivating when people appreciate what you do. The person in Northern Island appreciates the Police and they always cooperated when ever the need arises.

Low Crime Rate

Northern Island is an island with an estimated population of population of 1,710,300 as at 2004. This incidentally affected the crime rate witnessed in the region. The Police have been able to effectively discharge their responsibility of providing adequate security to the people.

Vibrant Economic Activity.

The economic activities of the region are young and full of potential. This has helped me as a Police office to reduce my spending giving room for savings.

Different Cultural Diversity: as a police offer in northern island, I have been able to study the behavior of many non British citizen doing business in Northern Island.

In conclusion, being a part of the first set of the Police Service of Northern Island is enough motivation. It is a service to my Nation and people.



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