Where will I be 5 years from now

Published 10 May 2017

What are the most important things in your life…things that make life meaningless without them? So much can happen in 5 years, but we all have goals we strive for, hopes we cling to and responsibilities we keep day after day. Without these, what are we living for and how will we know where we’ll be five years from now. They are a part of us, sometimes we use them to measure our success. Personally, I strive to be successful in my career, I hope to be financially secure and I am trying to raise God fearing, honorable, intelligent people that will make a positive contribution to society. Five years from now, I will take a senior position in the public education system, have established and profitable business investments abroad and have 4 intelligent, talented and responsible teenagers active in school and community activities.

My career has always been important to me because it is a tangible measure of personal success. I climbed the career ladder of the California Public School System. I started 9 years ago as a payroll clerk filing and copying documents. There was no sense of fulfillment in that job, same thing day in and day out. I quickly applied for another position and realized I had to do more if I wanted to really go far. I went back to school and even earned a certificate that qualifies me be the Chief Business Officer (CBO) of a California School District. With my last position being an Associate Director of Fiscal Services, I know that being CBO is not impossible. In my climb up for success, I have learned many things that will make me excellent in that position. I know this job will demand more time and dedication and I think five years from now, I will be ready for it.

Something I desire to have in my life is money. I want to be rich. I know for some it’s not an honorable wish, but for me it is an honest wish. I like having to not worry about affording things I want for my family and myself. I believe we only get one life so I want to live it up. I want to live in a nice comfortable home in a reputable neighborhood, take family vacations and not worry about bills I can’t afford to pay. I am currently working on a few businesses in the Philippines that should start showing significant profit within 5 years. I know this investment will be supplemental to my CBO position. Together, I will have enough to live the lifestyle I want.

Raising kids is a difficult job but every parent looks forward to the wonderful adults they will become. Five years from now, I will have 4 pre-teens in my home. Today’s society is highly exposed to sex, drugs and other vices that are so easily available to our youth. As a parent, we have to work harder than our parents to make sure our children are not negatively influenced in school, youth events, music and many other things they are exposed to like computer games, internet, and mobile phones. I strive to raise kids that will make wise decisions, be dedicated to themselves and family values and most importantly plant a deep seeded desire for godly things. Five years from now, these pre-teens should be making wise decisions about friends, how they want to spend their free time and determine what is important to them and how hard will they strive to get what they want.

Five years may seem like a long time if you don’t know what you want in life, but it could also feel like its just around the corner when you have goals you want to achieve. By 2013, I’ll have 4 great pre-teens with good values, a prosperous side business and a successful career. These are my goals, dreams and aspirations that keeps me motivated day after day. Without these, I don’t think I’d have direction and each day would be pointless and motionless. We need these to keep us going, keep us focused and keep us fulfilled.

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