Which place do you prefer to go for vacation?

Published 11 May 2017

Most of us need to unwind and get away from our hectic schedules from school, work and other things that keep us busy. Having a good vacation to beautiful places is a right choice to make. It could be on the beach or in the mountains. Each place has its own beauty that can attract the attention of vacationers. In my own point of view and my own preferences, if ever I will have another vacation I want to spend it on the beach or in the mountains. I love nature that much. I am thrill and feel excited every time I gaze their natural beauties. These are the places where I can meditate, recollect and reminisce my past or the things I do previously.

I like going to the beach if I want to find enjoyment and fun. I like the beach a lot because the breeze is very fresh. When I am in the beach, I enjoy staying under the heat of the sun and the sun makes my skin tan and adorable to look at. I also feel free and at ease. I can wear too my favorite swimwear. The water is fresh and very inviting that could make me decide to swim. When I am in the beach, it gives me an opportunity to surf and play beach ball games which I cannot do when I am at home. I also bury myself under the sand as a sort of relaxation and therapy to my body and when I do that, it gives me a sort of relief. Going to the beach also gives me an opportunity to meet new set of people from different walks of life. In addition, the sunset in the beach is very lovely. It is reddish mixed with orange. It shines so bright and strong. Because of this, it makes me realize how awesome God is.

During at night, I can stay on the seashore or on the beach side where I can have a bonfire with my new set of friends and have a good time with them. If I am not in the mood for enjoyment, I just find a small corner and ponder the things happen to me. The sea breeze becomes cooler during night time and so when I am thinking of something, I suddenly fall asleep because I cannot resist the cool breeze from the beach.

On the other hand, going to the mountains is also an interesting thing to do. It is fun and adventure. If I want to be on my own and don’t want to be disturbed by people, I immediately go to the mountains. The air there is as fresh as the beach but it is not crowded with people. I can only find trees and animals. The chirps of the birds really inspire me and want to live life to the fullest. It makes me realize, too, that though birds live simply, they are happy and contented with their lives. They don’t ask for more but happy of what they have. This is the perfect place for meditation and for adventure. I am free from air and noise pollution from the city where I live. When I am on the mountains, it gives me an opportunity to sleep early and helps me wake up excitedly the next day to have a brisk walk or climb some mountainous areas.

Moreover, in earlier times, mountains are looked upon as forbidding barriers, and are often the legendary homes of gods. By hindering man’s movements mountains discouraged communication and cultural exchange.
As better methods of transportation and communication developed, mountains lost their ominous character. Today, most mountains are no longer barriers, although their harsh climates and rugged terrain have discouraged extensive human use. Many mountains now provide scenic and recreational enjoyment, as well as vulnerable resources such as timber and minerals.

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