Who Am I?

Published 13 May 2017

According to my friends, the first time they meet me, they find me snobbish because of my face. But as time goes by, they are already the one who prove to my new set of acquaintances that I am not that kind of person they are thinking of.

I consider myself as a child of God. I believe that God created me in his own image and likeness that is why I am one of a kind and special. I always inculcate in my mind that only God can satisfy me.

Moreover, nowadays, we can notice and observe how our society is drastically changing. Our beliefs, cultures, values and morals have been changed through times especially in the issue of marriage. People are becoming liberal on things and somewhat approves the things that we know deep within us are wrong. People nowadays view things on another perspective. They have the tendency to do things which only “benefit” them and disregarded the right values and morals that were inculcated by their parents when they were still young in order to satisfy their selfish desires; thus, they sacrifice the truth to gratify the calling of the flesh. I am not being judgmental but speak for what I have observed. I do not condemn nor judge people who are not doing right because that is their personal choices and prerogative but I am entitled for my own view to express the thing which I know is right in my eyes and according to my conviction as a person. Wherever we go, people’s mentality is to approve and rejoice on what is “hip” in our society even it is totally wrong; thus, our society tends to have deaf ears and blind eyes and pretend that everything is all right but acting that way simply signifies that our society tolerates it. Moreover, every individual has the tendency to forget the good virtues and morals because their fleshly desires are really craving to commit such act, just like in the context of marriage. Before, people were very conscious that marriage is only for a man and a woman. This was the original design of God that man should take a woman for his wife to procreate; neither man to a man nor a woman to a woman.

Marriage is a sacred matter and it should be respected by people. People should not demoralize the real essence of marriage but uphold it. Moreover, as I weigh things regarding the issue of marriage, there are queries that came up in my inquisitive thoughts. Why do people get married? Is marriage only limited for a man and a woman? Why we should be against gay marriage? These are the queries that came up into my mind as I ponder and equate things that really bother me. When two people are in love with each other, the first thing that they have in mind is to get married. But how about if two same sex especially gays would like to engage in marriage? Is it right? Sometimes people especially the homosexuals claimed that they have the right to get married. Yes, they have the right to get married but to the right person, an opposite sex, because this was how God designed marriage. An individual has the opportunity to practice his/her own rights but each one of us should not allow our rights to cause us to sin.

I personally believe that everyone is entitled for his/her own right and deserves to be happy but it does not mean that I approve gay marriage. Gay marriage is the current issue that is continuously debated by different kinds of people who come from different walks of life and are brought up in different worlds. All of us have the right to practice our freedom to choose who are the people we wish being with for the rest of our lives. But it does not mean that what is “hip” in our society is already right. Everything is permissible in this world but not everything is beneficial; everything is permissible but not everything is constructive. I strongly disagree on gay marriage because it is a perversion and it against the law of God; thus, it is a sin before his eyes. It simply signifies that gay marriage is not in line in the “Will of God”. Moreover, we should uphold what is morally right for the benefits of our younger generations. What they observe in our society may bring great impacts in their lives and they may possibly follow the corrupt pattern or acts of this world.

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