Zurar International

Published 03 Nov 2017

At Zurar International we combine knowledge and professionalism with our excellent communication skills to match individuals with the unique position that is right for them. We are equipped with experts who have a thorough knowledge of the demands and expectations within each career field. We are also highly trained and experienced in the interpersonal and psychological aspects of communication, allowing us to thoroughly assess the individuals we recommend to our business partners.

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We have, after all, been in the staffing business for over a decade. Within that time we have learned how best to act as a medium through which employers and their employees can meet for the first time. We are dedicated to making that meeting a productive and useful one. Our dedication is well matched by a family of values (integrity, industry, confidentiality) to which we hold true.

Our services are as varied as our staff members that specialize in each career area. We cater to several types of businesses and potential employees by offering access to these positions:

Full time: This category caters to companies with clear openings to place employees immediately on the staff list and payroll. It also caters to persons needing long- term/indefinite employment.

Temporary: These positions range from a few hours to a few months. Businesses that have staff members on leave for a day or a year can contact us to find the best temporary employee to fill that position. Individuals who are seeking worthwhile employment within a limited time-frame are also sure to be matched to such position as soon as we are made aware of them.

Temp-to-hire: Caters to businesses that have openings and, before making the commitment to hire, desire a period in which potential employees can be seen in action. Also caters to individuals who desire to demonstrate their unique abilities to tackle the situations of the workplace on the condition of being hired if/when found suitable. Also known as contract-to-hire.

We offer service that is strengthened by our integrity. We are committed to offering the most accurate information both to our businesses and to the talent they wish to hire. And why not, since we are also committed not just to finding the best talent but also to enhancing their fine attributes with tips for finishing what formal training had already begun. We are dedicated to finding out precisely what our employers want and locating the specific talent that can fill that void.

We also offer close contact with both our employers and the potential employees in a relationship that guarantees the best in communication and confidentiality. You can trust us to handle your personal details with care, as we seek to do the best for the companies that work with us.

Join our team and become a part of a network that gives the best and is rewarded in kind. The same professionalism that you bring to your business, we extend to your potential employees as we partner with you to deliver the best product your company has to offer. We realize that producing the best begins with the talent that works to produce it. That is why we take great care in selecting the individuals we recommend to you for hire. Contact us today.

As an international company, Zurar operates as a borderless community that provides solutions for companies and employees regardless of their location. If your perfect job is halfway across the globe, we will help you find it. Our personnel are trained in bridging the cultural and spatial gaps between companies and their potential employees. We help to remove barriers that seek to keep these perfect matches apart, and we facilitate a union that leads to a healthy and fruitful professional relationship.

Our company is growing, and we are dedicated to passing on this growth to the people and businesses we serve. Contact us in any one of the several convenient ways we have provided, and we will get you started on the road to success.


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