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What Is the Truth About Cheap Essays?

Nowadays studying is rather complicated even with all the opportunities that new technologies provide. Students receive so many assignments that there comes a time when they start questioning if it is really possible to deal with all the tasks on time without additional help. Doing anything on your own is always difficult, so it's quite natural that students end up searching the Web with "do my essay cheap" requests. Still, a tricky question arises - are cheap essays myth or reality?

What Is So Dangerous About Cheap Essays?

If you are an ordinary student, you are likely to have a limited budget for buying papers online. Surely the loud words and bright ads saying that "cheap essays are right here" look tempting. But you should understand that it is suspicious - there has to be something wrong with those essays and the services which are selling them.

  • Plagiarized papers. If you have managed to find a service offering free or cheap essays, there's a chance they sell plagiarized papers. They fool students who haven't ordered paper online before. They leave them with no money and no paper to submit. In order for a scam to stay undisclosed as long as possible, such companies won't allow you to look through the paper until you pay the whole amount of money. Therefore, rule number one concerning the search for essays online is always to ask to have a look at the samples and refuse to use a service if they refuse to show them to you.
  • Pre-written papers. When you continue your search and find another paper writing service selling cheap essays, consider the following: will you be the only owner of the paper? If a writer is getting paid less than a minimum on the market, he or she will want to compensate for that. One way to do it is to sell the paper they have written once to more than one student. When you get the paper and check it for plagiarism, it will be unique at first; but what if the writer sells the same paper to someone else next day? What if by the time you submit the essay to your professor, someone will already publish the text online in one of the essay banks or online libraries?
  • Poor language. It's obvious that a company can save money by hiring freelance writers from the countries that have a poor economy. These writers may even know English at a decent level. However, they are still non-native speakers, and you will easily notice it when you receive the paper. An English native speaking writer with a high degree and great writing experience just won't agree to work for a penny. A paper that is too cheap is very likely not worth it at all.
  • Poor content quality. Another serious downside you may face when ordering cheap essays is the overall poor quality of their contents. An essay is a paper that should be well-written, research-based, logical, and properly formatted. It should contain reasonable arguments and have every statement backed up with facts. Besides, a good essay writing service will offer you revisions when you don't like something in the paper. Your writer will make necessary changes, and you will finally have a perfect paper. With cheap essays, you will hardly get an option of asking for revisions.

As you now understand, no one would find it a good idea to work for free or for a too low price. Don't try to save money because it may later turn out to be a big loss. Forget the cheap and look for the affordable.

Affordable Essays at EssayLab.com

Our company has many years of experience of working in the essay writing industry. Being one of the leaders here, we provide excellent service and deliver brilliant papers. Along with that, we think about our customers. Knowing that they are always looking for ways to save money, we give them this option. We've designed pleasant pricing policies and made the premium quality our top goal. But again, being one of the leading essay writing services involves much more than that. Have a look at a package of 7 basic features we will offer you when you buy essays here, at EssayLab.com:

  1. Skillful authors. We hire holders of PhDs and MBAs. While some would find a diploma to be a good evidence of professionalism, we at EssayLab.com test potential authors for their practical skills. This way, we have assembled a wonderful team, which means your essay will be created by competent writers specializing in your field.
  2. Papers were written from scratch. Most essay writing services say they do the authentic work by creating original papers, but not all of them really do this in reality. It's not a reason to give up on essay help, though. When you come to EssayLab.com, you can check the sample texts we have here and make sure that we provide quality work. Furthermore, once you make an order, you can check the pieces of your paper one by one before the paper itself is written.
  3. Opportunity for direct communication. Here we come to the next point. If you detect any plagiarism or just want to change requirements and suggest amendments, you can tell it to your chosen writer directly. We have a chat option on our website, which is very simple and convenient to use, so you can forget three-way communication through customer managers. It has proved to be an effective option as it makes the writing process faster and more productive. Besides, having no need to hire more managers allows us to keep the prices reasonably low for you.
  4. Revisions. Although we're trying to be the best in what we do, it's really hard to please anyone and cater to any needs. Understanding that cases, when a client doesn't approve some part of the essay, are possible, we offer revision policy. If you happen to be unsatisfied with the work our writer has done, or if your professor suddenly changed the requirements when the paper is already written, you are welcome to use the option of asking for revising. We will improve the essay according to new requirements and give it back in a short time.
  5. Privacy. When it comes to ordering essays online, students often worry about their confidentiality. No one would like to be caught and accused of escaping own homework and paying for essay help. Here, at EssayLab.com, we care about your worries and do our best to eliminate them. We've designed a number of guarantees to protect your private details. To cut a long story short, we never disclose any information about you to third parties.
  6. Transparent payment system. While some companies keep on looking for ways to charge you more and fool you by offering cheap essays, we stay transparent and clear. We don't have any hidden fees. If you need to use some features that are charged additionally, we will let you know about it beforehand. When placing your order, you will see how much you need to pay, so we are not trying to keep ay secrets from you.
  7. Support all along. Last but not least, we provide you with a constant support from our customer support team - they are ready to be with you whenever you need them. If you have just realized that you really need our help now but now it's 3 a.m., feel free to place your order as soon as possible. We never sleep. Our manager will get back to you in no time so that you could confirm the order and the work would begin.

So, are you ready to place your order now? If you still have some questions or hesitations, contact our managers, and they will dispel all your doubts. EssayLab.com is the service you were looking for.

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