Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M University: My Roadmap to Success

Published 20 Sep 2017

I often hear people say that a school is considered to be the second home of their children. Needless to say, I also believe and agree with the same principle that home and school have so much in common. Home and school are comparable in establishing rules and regulations to ensure safety of the students. Educationalists are like responsible parents in molding students by providing relevant knowledge to gear them up. Such accepted wisdom motivates and inspires me to take my chance to continue my studies in Texas A&M University.

I will be deeply honored if I will be given the chance to pursue my studies and be a part of this prominent university. As for my own point of view, an institution who believes in the deliverance of high quality education among its students is truly remarkable. Texas A&M University imparts its strong values to its students through academic and non-academic activities. Exceptional curriculum certainly grooms its students for a wide array of professional careers in relation to agriculture and life sciences. I suppose that the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M University offers a strong foundation in Agribusiness degree. Superior course content is designed to develop a student ‘s potential in any chosen field. Learning the essential principles and strategies in relation to my preferred course will be my advantage in facing the real world. Moreover, this will guide me in every decision I would be making in the future to become successful. I strongly believe that this field of study will most likely facilitate my dream to materialize.

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Agribusiness plays a major role in supplying primary needs of the people all over the world. To ease hunger as well as to provide nourishment among people is one of my biggest dreams ever. I would really want to make a difference and realize my worth in this world. This will be my turning point and I would be much grateful if Texas A&M University will open its door on me – so I can stride forward on the road to success.


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