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Writing Analysis and Mini Lesson

The writing sample comes from a six year old first grade student. This student has not been identified as ESL or SPED and does not receive these types of services. The student participates in regular classroom literacy instruction. The writing sample chosen for this student looks like this: "this is my moder. she is my favrt prsn. she is nis to me. I laik hr vere mush. she cuks gud. she taks me to skul." This writing sample provides important evidence that this student is grasping phonetic concepts when attempting...
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Does Geography Really Matter?

Geography is a subject matter treated separately from the field of science. However, this field is treated with less importance than science and mathematics. I've been studying geography since grade school as part of the curriculum. It is important to learn geography for it encompasses a wide collection of knowledge pertinent in a students' learning. In geography, we learn the past and present, as well as biodiversity. Some students consider geography as a boring subject for it includes history, this is the reason why we tend to be behind in...
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The Linguistic Relativity Argument

The linguistic relativity argument states that "language-induced differences in thought generate different realities" (Collin, 2002, p.81). Finn Collin (2002) identified two premises for the linguistic relativity argument: (1) "Language shapes thought; more specifically, that differences in language translate into differences in thought" and (2) "Through our thoughts, language reality determines the way reality is divided up" (Collin, 2002, p.81-82). In line with this, Collin quotes Edward Sapir who states, "The fact of the matter is that the 'real world' is to a large extent unconsciously built up on the language...
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Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M University: My Roadmap to Success

I often hear people say that a school is considered to be the second home of their children. Needless to say, I also believe and agree with the same principle that home and school have so much in common. Home and school are comparable in establishing rules and regulations to ensure safety of the students. Educationalists are like responsible parents in molding students by providing relevant knowledge to gear them up. Such accepted wisdom motivates and inspires me to take my chance to continue my studies in Texas A&M University.I...
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Stem Cell Research is Bad

Stem Cell Research is Bad and Should Not Be DoneStem cell research is conducted in order to obtain advanced knowledge on how an organism will develop from one cell and how healthy cells can be used to replace damaged cells in an adult. Stem cell research has paved the way for scientists to conduct investigations on the likelihood of cell-based therapies in the treatment of diseases, which is often called regenerative or reparative medicine (National Institutes of Health [NIH] 2).Students Frequently Tell Us:How much do I have to pay someone...
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The Endocrine Regulation of Calcium Balance

Definition of terms in this essayCalcium balance deals with the regulation of a body's calcium levels in order to maintain homeostasis. A disruption of this process results in either hypo- or hypercalcemia.Teleost fishes are fishes belonging to teleostei. These bony fishes have movable jaws. This makes them able to extend their mouth while preying. They also have symmetrical or homocercal tails.Amphibians are vertebrate animals that are ectothermic, non amniotic and that respire through their skin. They are usually aquatic during their larval stage but become terrestrial during adulthood.The endocrine system...
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Stem Cell Research

Should the United States Allow Stem Cell Research?From scientific obscurity to moral and ethical pre-eminence, stem cell research; or more specifically embryonic stem cell research, has risen to become one of the major ethical and moral hazards in the 21st century. The controversies are linked to the potentialities carried by this highly advanced technology. At the basic, the controversies are driven by the fear that stem cell research may be used to clone human beings as a way of providing designer stem cells whose uses are as wide as the...
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Impact of Marketing on Internet

“The Internet has had an overwhelming positive effect on the field of marketing"Using your understanding of the marketing management philosophies and the approaches to marketing research, critically assess the validity of this claim.Marketing is societal processes used to discern what the needs of the consumers are as it focuses on a product or a service which can be used to meet the wants. It attempts to mould the consumers towards the specific products or services that are being offeredIt is the key to growth for every business enterprise. It concerns...
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Seafloor Magnetic Anomalies

Seafloor magnetic anomalies are “stripes of alternating high and low magnetic intensity running parallel to ocean ridges" (“Sea-Floor Spreading"). These linear anomalies end at fracture zones and have distinctive shapes that occur in predictable patterns across fracture zones as trends. Two scientists from Great Britain, Frederick J. Vine and Drummond H. Matthews, and one Canadian scientist by the name of Lawrence W. Morley were the first to propose an explanation for these anomalies.Their theory rests on the assumptions that the magnetic field of the earth reverses polarity on a periodic...
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Second Language Acquisition

IntroductionLearning a second language in adolescence or adulthood often proves a serious challenge for people. To realize what difficulties are involved in the process, researchers need to examine first of all factors of language acquisition, including contextual, social, and psychological ones. Popular theories of effective domain, cognitive styles and multiple intelligences in second language acquisition can also shed light on the dynamics and causes of the process.Factors Of Language AcquisitionSecond language acquisition can be influenced by a variety of factors:Language Distance: learners will find it easier to master the language...
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Hirsch’s Theory

Hirsch's Theory of Schema and Its Role in Cultural LiteracyIn a general sense, a schema is an underlying framework or pattern. In Hirsch's theories of reading and cultural literacy, the idea that people find it necessary to filter information through schemata is central to his contention that common cultural precepts are necessary for effective communication. In this context, a schema is a "unified system of background relationships" that allows the reader to make sense of the "surface meaning" of a text (Hirsch 54). In order to understand the significance of...
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Operating System Administration

Creating users in Habibi's restaurant will depend largely on the job description of the users. In the restaurant in question the chef's staff's function is different from the table server and the owner/management should have supervisory functions.Management will want to give instructions on creating users in the chef's staff category such that the chef will be able to have access to viewing orders, query orders and enter available menu, they are not to be concerned about payments and so are not supposed to have access to payment account neither can...
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The Other Half of the Brain

The author offered an interesting account of Dr. Harvey who performed the autopsy on Albert Einstein and experimented with his brain. It was discovered that the glia cells, so abundantly present in the human brain can be responsible for the Einstein's uniqueness. Located in the association cortex, glia cells are unlike the neurons but were found to have a significant affect on the neurons through (first hypothetical) communication between glia cells and neurons.Through the new findings (Edelman, 1998) it was shown that glia cells influence the formation of synapses that...
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The Pastor as Religious Educator

Author InformationRobert Browning is an educator and a person with a grounded view of the world. His view of the world comes from the vision of a Christian education in which it seeks to acknowledge and respond to the love of God. His worldview of the sacraments reflects in his interaction with his colleagues and interfaith groups, exploration of the human understanding and utilization of different methods of discipline. Robert was born into a Christian family that was active in the First Christian Church of Trenton, Missouri. In college, he...
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New Criticism on the Pull of the Moon

Introduction“Fifty is the youth of old age," they say. This implies that one is likely to commit the mistakes a youth ordinarily commits at the formative yeas of life. The nature of youth is combustible and one can understand about the reckless adventures. But what happens to Nan? It is difficult find a justifiable logic for her abrupt action, but in the world of emotions, everything can find the justification. Assume that a spiritual development happened within her. In the true pursuit of spirituality, an inpidual does not escape from...
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