Does Geography Really Matter?

Published 02 Oct 2017

Geography is a subject matter treated separately from the field of science. However, this field is treated with less importance than science and mathematics. I’ve been studying geography since grade school as part of the curriculum. It is important to learn geography for it encompasses a wide collection of knowledge pertinent in a students’ learning. In geography, we learn the past and present, as well as biodiversity. Some students consider geography as a boring subject for it includes history, this is the reason why we tend to be behind in geographic knowledge. Mentors can employ entertaining teaching strategies to motivate the students in learning geography.

Some countries are overpopulated and there is a tremendous labor surplus. A large part of the population is unemployed and seeking for jobs to provide the needs of their family. Due to the desperate situation and the growing poverty, some foreign and international companies tend to put up their businesses in countries which offer cheap labor. There are also some countries wherein laborers are exploited. Acts of slavery and unfair treatment are pertinent characteristics of exploited labor. In these situations, injustice is observable in relation to how people are treated and compensated based on their working loads for the company they work for. Thus, these practices should not be tolerated and must be resolved by the government.

Somali pirates continue to cause harm and terror on ships that navigate the seas near the country. The pirates are the fighters of many warlords factions who attempt to rule over the country since the end of Siad Barre government in 1991 (Baldauf). The root cause of piracy is the headless state of Somalia which is unable to protect the rich waters of the country. Foreign vessels fish in these waters, making the local fishermen lose their jobs. They became pirates by preventing any ship or vessel in fishing in the waters of Somalia and to earn a whole lot of money through ransoms. In attempt to address this problem, Somalia must have a government that is capable of protecting and uplifting the thriving economy of the country. Fishery protection for the waters of Somalia will cease piracy and enable the local fishermen to get back to their old livelihood. This will give the much awaited hope of the Somalis.

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