What does it mean to be human?

Published 27 Mar 2017

Being human means being accepted by your own self, your environment, and those who are directly involved within your environment. It means being treated nothing different from persons with other orientation just because some think that they’re different. Our identities as humans however are not rooted in one place, our minds and limbs are also stopping from one port to another in no time, too busy to keep pace with breakthroughs, leaving no remorse and trail along the way.

These could be the reasons why we, humans have higher risks of experiencing discriminations. However, this is not an excuse for us to allow ourselves to become unaccepted by many especially for a longer period of time because part of being human requires ways to cope up with whatever differences, superficiality and impersonal characters we have in ourselves and in our environment. Having a feeling of being accepted by our identities is regarded as an incident that’s worth remembering. It creates an outmost importance and it makes us to be temperate towards mockery and become a subject to humility. Needless to say, fear or any of phobias including anxiety is always part of our human existence. Yet this fear just comes without us knowing it. This is but emotion to be treated with equally strong disposition and open mind. Regarding fear as a precautionary measure of avoiding the worse thing to happen is healthy. But too much of it is not commendable. Humans should have to deal with it normally.

Fundamentally, humans have problems. These problems affect their daily endeavors and decision makings that subsequently hinder them to achieve our goals. The basic human problem is rooted into their own selves. Sometimes, the process of knowing one self and accepting what you can and can’t do helps you understand your role in the environment that you are working around. This concept becomes a basic problem when we can’t figure out the things that are needed to be done for us to play a role in our surroundings. This creates an internal crisis that held you back to perform at the best of your capability.

Likewise, humans are not created the same. We have our own differences in almost everything, and that remains an acceptable fact. In such case, we should be able to accept our identities first in order for us to assess and enumerate our own weaknesses and differences. We have yet to see so many things to ourselves before we get to see our surroundings. Once knowing ourselves is done, we may now be ready to accept our changing environment and society. In this way, we might be wondering how the feeling of being accepted might end our seemingly endless human problems like knowing and understanding one self. But reflecting on many issues confronting humans and discerning what courses of action to take to address to these problems, we should see the need for self realization.

Lastly, human justice should be served at all times. It should be present in our respective communities, in our nation, and of course in our hearts in order for us to become good Samaritans. Therefore, if in any point one’s individuality is hampered or questioned, so long as one does not interfere with other people’s lives nor deprive them of their own happiness, one owes nobody an explanation or judgment for what he does and for who he is.


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