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UAE after Islam

One of the main features of United Arab Emirates is its possession of a very strategic location which helps facilitate its trade and commerce. Within the country, the people are engaged in several occupations such as trading, transportation, fishing and hunting. This an important part of their civil life which, aside from certain developments, remained more and less as the same occupations the people in the country are engaged with through the years. However, unlike occupation which remained relatively stable through the years, there is an important aspect of UAE's...
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Religion in UAE’s

Like all countries and regions, religion forms a very important aspect of UAE's culture. This religious culture may be discovered though an examination of the relics left behind by the ancestors of the people of UAE. The country's traditional religious culture is interesting because, like most traditional religion, it involves the worship of a very unique and uncommon icon and very unique traditions. Of all the features of UAE's religious culture, the worship of snakes is one of the most striking. This practice of worshipping snakes has earned them the...
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Review an article “The XY Files”

Usually, before having a baby, a married woman who considers herself in a secure relationship, weighs heavily the pros and cons involved in this critical decision. However, a mature single woman weighs the same pros and cons-finances and freedom-and a few more. The author, Lori Gottleib, of the article "The XY Files" is a mature, thinking woman who wanted to conceive. Having the resources for many options, she pondered the parenting process as a modern woman. The only option she did not have was a husband. As she chose how...
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Zulu and Yoruba Religions

The Zulu consider real anything that holds power, but particularly the supreme God of the Sky, the ancestors (whom the Zulu revere), and medicine. Diviners (who may be either male or female) are particularly real because they diagnose problems, offer solutions, and mediate between the Zulu and the divine forces, and the ancestral spirits determine their roles and status (not every Zulu is entitled to mediate between spirits and humans). In addition, herbalists (who are mostly male) enjoy special significance; though most Zulu have some familiarity with herbal medicine, only...
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How Langston Hughes exemplifies the African American tradition

An increase in publishing technology and opportunities has led to inception of new publishing and self publishing culture. A rapid growth of fan pages or fanzines has increased the modus of publishing content and telling away various distinctive ideologies. Zine is a short form for a magazine and the small circulation and non-commercial publication commonly of original prose.Zines have various cultures and dissenting objectives. Most assimilate a media façade while other adopts a corporate identity. Empirical research on Zines show different and very significant gains, characteristics as well as distinctive...
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Ecological Imperatives for Marketing

It is generally recognized that any field of study should be coherent with the arguments and assumptions of other disciplines. The necessity of such ensures the consistency of a discipline's assumptions outside of its conceptual framework thereby in the process ensuring the strength of the field's veracity. It is within such a context that Paul Ehlrich states the necessity for biology and economics "to forge an understanding that will permit them to work together to solve the human predicament" (1989, p. 9).Within this context, ecological economics thereby serves as an...
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The religion and philosophy of Zoroastrianism is chiefly directed on the teachings of Zoroaster (also known as Zarathustra), a prophet. It declares that Ahura Mazda is the creator of all hence the he is the God. This religion is also named as Mazdaism having Ahura Mazda as its Divine Creator or Divine God. It is also considered by some scholars as the oldest religion in human civilization. It is also said that Zoroastrianism was the first advocate of monotheistic faith. Zoroastrianism was a long time ago the leading religion of...
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According to Alec Russell, Zimbabwe is a country in crisis; the problems being faced by the people in this southern nation are enormous. He observes that unless something is done this country is in the brink of collapsing.The situation has been due to the years of misrule by a president who has clung to power for so long such that the people of this nation have known no other leader. Robert Mugabe whom many love to call an octogenarian is the root cause of the entire problem facing Zimbabwe as...
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Yellowtail Marine

Gilcrists responsibilities to the company: To set right the immediate problems related to the quality standards that would ensure healthy working environment to workers, comply with clean water regulation, comply with clean air and water act of 1971, to evolve right marketing strategies considering the current situation (inflation and changing trend towards the model), consider the condition of Saggitarius and setting right the problems at the plant. Responsibilities to the employees: Creating clear job description and work schedule to bring work clarity and progress, giving motivation for team effort. Responsibilities...
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Zero Population Growth

The term zero population growth (ZPG) refers to the level of reproduction that maintains population at a steady state. On local levels, ZPG describes the demographic situation when the annual number of babies born in the country and legal immigrants balance the annual number of dead citizens and emigrants in such a way that total amount of country's residents remains the same. This concept was firstly introduced by American demographer and sociologist Kingsley Davis.Undergraduates Frequently Tell EssayLab writers:How can I order essay for money online here?Our professional writers recommend: Multitasking...
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Zen Buddhism

Zen identified as Chan is a school of Mahayana Buddhism, prominent for its prominence on the awareness of the mind to recognize the existing moment and unstructured action. The appearance of Zen as a separate school of Buddhism was originally documented in China in 7th Century CE. Zen Buddhism concentrates on the development of the conscious instead of the rational aspect of humans.Students Frequently Tell EssayLab support:Who wants to write my essay for money?Professional writers suggest: Your Best Essay HelperIt also permits to leave the self-conscious and judgmental thinking. It...
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Youth Gambling in the USA

Gambling is game where people do betting on money with an aim of making profit or conning people. It is also referred to as money wagering where one risks his/her money though uncertain of the outcome. Gambling in US is a growing problem with a lot of youth indulging themselves but the reason is because some forms of gambling are legalized and this is what is known as gaming. This essay is mainly going to focus on the issue of gambling among the American youth. It will show its prevalence,...
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Causes and Effects of Youth Problems

Discipline among teenagers and particularly in the United States is indeed a social issue, given the level of undesired happenings resulting from lack of discipline, within this group. Parents, teachers and social activists have recognized the need for urgent reforms in an effort to bring in a sense of discipline among them. The advancement of knowledge and technology brings with it several advantages. But these can also provide unintended results upon their misuse. The accessibility of teenagers to such materials and technology, increase the risk of its misuse. Recently conducted...
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Running Head: Youth Subcultures

In Youth Activism in the 1990s Dennis (2006) describes the prevailing subculture of the twentieth century. Interestingly, in a culture where corporate America, economic performance and consumerism were the prevailing cultural drivers, to Dennis (2006) the resulting subculture represented exactly the opposite. According to Dennis (2006) the demonstrations against the World Trade Organization (WTO) that occurred in Seattle in 1990s is a clear illustration of the youth subculture that formed in the twentieth century. Intended as a demonstration of how subcultures are formed through cultural influences and economic conditions, Dennis...
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My own description of Utopia is living in a society which is communally organized and no shortage for food, home for everybody and recreation is free. There is no crime or prejudice either and we live like everyday's living seems to be the last. Our fashion never changes because we do not have tailors or dressmakers to design clothes for us. We can make our own designs as long as it does not surpass our simple standard. Our standard for clothes however is very simple and loose. Wearing fancy and...
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